What is SmartShare PC SW?

What is SmartShare?

The SmartShare™ function allows you to play multimedia files from peripheral devices on your Smart TV. … After establishing the connection, you can enjoy the stored content on the large screen of your Smart TV.

How do I use LG SmartShare?

Share using LG Screen Share App

  1. Download the LG Screen Share App.
  2. Ensure that the mobile device and your LG TV is on the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. If you do not have a wired or wireless network, see how to connect your devices via Wi-Fi-Direct™.
  4. Activate the smart share app opn your device.

How do I use SmartShare on my LG TV from my computer?

Screen Mirroring From PC to an LG Smart TV

  1. Open the Screen Share app on your LG TV.
  2. On your PC, go to Settings > Devices.
  3. Select Bluetooth and Other Devices > Add Bluetooth or Other Device.
  4. In the dialog box that appears, select Add a Device (Choose Wireless Display or Dock).

How do I connect to SmartShare?

0:351:52LG Smart TV : SmartShare WiFi Direct – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipIt after the connection is established open a smart share app on your smart. Phone tap from and thenMoreIt after the connection is established open a smart share app on your smart. Phone tap from and then select your phone tap two-and select your TV to complete the setup.

What is SmartShare push?

The LG G6’s SmartShare Beam lets you move photos, contacts and other files from one phone to another. … It’s essentially an implementation of Google’s Android Beam technology, which uses near field communication (NFC) technology to eliminate the need to email files back and forth.

What is LG sync?

LG Sound Sync technology allows you to link your compatible LG HDTV to your Sound Bar wirelessly using Bluetooth®, reducing cable clutter, while also synchronizing the audio between devices.

How do I transfer files from my PC to my Smart TV?

How to send files from PC to smart TV

  1. Download the application. SFTTV runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux, android smartphone, android smart TV system.
  2. Install the application. …
  3. Launch the application. …
  4. Select files to transfer. …
  5. Select the device. …
  6. The file is transferring.

How do I connect my Windows 10 computer to my LG Smart TV?

0:161:54Screen Share LG Smart TV & Windows 10 Computer – YouTubeYouTube

Can I use my LG Smart TV as a computer monitor?

Can an LG TV be used as a computer monitor? Yes, using your TV as a computer monitor is an option many people choose when deciding what to hook up their computer to. You can hook up your computer or laptop fairly easily to any LG TV monitor as long as it has HDMI capability.

What is Wi-Fi Direct used for?

In simpler terms, Wi-Fi direct allows devices without their own internet connection to connect to one which does. In the case of Android smartphones and devices, you can connect them and quickly transfer files without the hassle of cables.

Is Wi-Fi Direct the same as screen mirroring?

As stated earlier, Miracast the screen mirroring technology rides on the wave started by WiFi Direct. For its part, WiFi Direct is tethered to WiFi itself. You should know that smart TVs have one thing in common: they all connect to WiFi.

Is SmartShare Beam NFC?

It’s essentially an implementation of Google’s Android Beam technology, which uses near field communication (NFC) technology to eliminate the need to email files back and forth. LG has dubbed this feature SmartShare Beam, and it’s one of several options within the G6’s sharing menu.

Is Smart Share beam the same as NFC?

1 Answer. Even though Android Beam and S Beam serve similar purposes, they actually work very differently and are not compatible with one another. Android Beam uses NFC to pair your devices over Bluetooth, then transfers files over the Bluetooth connection.

Why is the Sound on my TV out of sync with the picture?

Sound from TV speakers is not in sync with the picture using an HDMI connection. … This issue can occur if the audio format of the HDMI® device connected to the TV is set to bitstream output (Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS, etc.). To help resolve this issue, change the audio format of the HDMI device to PCM.

Why is TV out of sync?

When watching a TV program, it could be the broadcast itself or a bad connection between your cable/satellite set-top box. If a DVD or Blu-ray Disc™ player is connected to your TV, a poor connection or the disc itself could be the cause. … There also may be a setting on your TV that’s causing the issue.

How do I wirelessly connect my computer to my TV?

Connect a wireless display to your Windows PC

  1. Turn on your TV or projector. …
  2. On your PC, make sure Wi-Fi is turned on.
  3. On the right side of the taskbar, select the Network icon > Cast, then select your display or wireless adapter.
  4. Follow any additional instructions on the screen.

How do I stream video from my PC to my TV wirelessly?

If you mostly want to send streaming movies and TV shows from your laptop to your TV, the Google Chromecast is an easy way to do it wirelessly. Just plug it into the back of your TV and connect it to your network. You’ll be able to stream any Chrome tab from your notebook to it with the click of a button.

How do I connect my PC to my TV wirelessly Windows 10?

How to cast a Windows 10 desktop to a smart TV

  1. Select “Devices” from your Windows Settings menu. …
  2. Click to “Add Bluetooth or other device.” …
  3. Select “Wireless display or dock.” …
  4. Make sure “Network discovery” and “File and printer sharing” are turned on. …
  5. Click “Cast to Device” and choose your device from the pop-up menu.

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