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We are a legion of passionate Atlanta Falcons fans. Loud, proud, and ready to ride with our team, supporting them on the field and in the community. We chant, cheer and lead our team to victory. . . 

by intimidating the competition!


(Rise Up!)


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ATL Cast Newsletter Vol 1 Num 1

ATL Cast Newsletter Vol 1 Num 1

The Cast Brings the Home Field Advantage

The Cast Brings the Home Field Advantage

Helping Our Atlanta Community

Helping Our Atlanta Community

The Hunger Walk Run


Anything interesting happening in the @NFL the last few days 🤯 The QBs in this division are INSANE! Ryan, Bridgewater, Brees and Brady. You better get your popcorn ready for an amazing bunch of games in 2020 in the South!

Hey friends due to the current situation with the events of the world, we have been asked to postpone our meeting for Sunday.
We will update once this subsides. #RiseUp

Who’s watching the NFL combine?

Do we stand pat with our picks?

Trade away our first and one of the second round this year and our first round next year to move up and get Chase Young?

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