What is ScreenConnect client used for?

What is ScreenConnect client?

ConnectWise Control is a self-hosted remote desktop software application owned by Connectwise Inc., a software developer based in Tampa, Florida, United States. It was originally developed by Elsinore Technologies in 2008 under the name ScreenConnect.

Can I uninstall ScreenConnect client?

They need to log into their ConnectWise control page and select all those PC’s and click Uninstall. Connectwise Control used to be called ScreenConnect which probably means when they switched to the new branding the old program was never removed. Just stop/disable/uninstall the service(s) and you should be good.

Is ScreenConnect safe?

Is ConnectWise Control safe? Yes, remote access and support via ConnectWise Control are safe and secure. ConnectWise has several security functions, like secure session codes, brute force protection and OAuth integration. You can set up role-based security measures, and you can revoke access if necessary.

What is the purpose of ConnectWise?

The ConnectWise mission is clear: To empower technology solution providers to realize their vision of success.

What ports does ScreenConnect use?

The ScreenConnect default TCP ports are 8040 and 8041 outbound from the Device that you are connecting from.

Why is ConnectWise Control on my computer?

Explore other ConnectWise Control features Remotely view and control devices from anywhere there is an Internet connection. ConnectWise Control allows control and access of an unattended computer or server. Anyone, from technicians to company employees, can simplify connections with remote access.

How do I manually remove ScreenConnect?

Open Settings -> “Add/Remove Programs”. Search for “ScreenConnect Client (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)“, where “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” is the thumbprint which is unique to your ConnectWise Control installation.

Is ConnectWise Control encrypted?

Protect data transmitted between the user’s browser and the server through a proprietary protocol and our AES-256 encryption algorithm. In addition, all cloud instances of ConnectWise Control are automatically encrypted with SSL certificates.

What is ConnectWise client?

ConnectWise Control is a powerful remote access program that enables users to access and control a selection of devices, offer real-time support, and manage team meetings.

How do I access ScreenConnect?

To remotely connect from the Customers page:

  1. Click on Customers (on the side panel). …
  2. Click on the customer, whose device you wish to connect to. …
  3. Click on the Devices tab at the top of the screen.
  4. Near the device you wish to connect to, click to open the Connect drop-down menu, and select ScreenConnect.

Jun 10, 2021

What port does automate use?

Automate 5 uses TCP Port 7477 by default. Automate 6 uses 7677.

What ports does ConnectWise automate use?

Verify that only the following ports are open: Port 75 UDP: Utilized by the Enhanced Heartbeat. Port 443 TCP: Used for HTTPS communication. Port 8484 TCP: Must be open and forwarded to the Automate server in order to access the Solution Center from Control Center.

How do I disable ConnectWise Control?

0:111:20ConnectWise Automate How To: Disabled and Remove a PluginYouTube

How secure is ConnectWise Control?

Yes, ConnectWise Control Access keeps your data safe and private through a number of cybersecurity measures, including 256-bit AES encryption. Other security features include multiple methods of authentication, role-based permissions, server-level auditing and self-hosting.

How do I get rid of AutoMate?

Method 2: Uninstall AutoMate via Apps and Features/Programs and Features. Look for AutoMate in the list and click on it. The next step is to click on uninstall, so you can initiate the uninstallation.

How do I remove ScreenConnect from my Mac?

Screens Connect 4. x for macOS

  1. Click the Screens Connect icon in the system menu bar.
  2. Click Stop Screens Connect (previously labeled Uninstall Screens Connect).
  3. When Screens Connect is uninstalled, you can move it from the /Applications folder to the Trash.

Where do I find my ScreenConnect GUID?

Once you have that ID, head over to ‘Admin > App Center > ScreenConnect’ and update the Instance ID. As your assets sync with our servers, you should see the ScreenConnect GUID appear on the asset and an option to start a ScreenConnect remote session.

How do I install ScreenConnect?

0:091:25ConnectWise Control: Agent Deployer – YouTubeYouTube

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