What is GfxUI EXE?

What does GfxUI mean?

It plays a crucial role in controlling the graphic user interface of Intel’s onboard video. This file can be found in various laptops, including Lenovo Thinkpad, HP Pavillion, and Dell. Usually, when this error shows up, it is caused by a driver problem or issues in security permissions settings.

How do I fix GfxUI EXE?

GfxUI has stopped working on Windows [Solved]

  1. Turn on Microsoft . NET Framework 3.5. …
  2. Update Intel Graphics Card Driver (Recommended) If turning on . …
  3. Clean Reinstall Intel Graphics Card Driver.

Sep 28, 2021

Why does GfxUI exe crash?

Cause of the issue: You need to reinstall your Intel drivers. Some of the users have also stated that it could be an issue with the . NET Framework.

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