What does Ivanti software do?

What is Ivanti software monitor?

The Ivanti® Endpoint Manager software monitor scan runs when you schedule regular inventory scans. It monitors executable files that are running and compares product information on each device with the names and file sizes of executable files stored in the database. … msi files, shortcuts, and GUIDs to identify products.

Who uses Ivanti?

Who uses Ivanti IT Asset Management Suite?

Company Website Company Size
CTI Foods Holding Co., LLC ctifoods.com 1000-5000
Mountain America Credit Union macu.com 1000-5000
LinTech Global lintechglobal.com 200-500
George Mason University gmu.edu 1000-5000

What is unified endpoint management software?

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) allows IT to manage, secure, and deploy corporate resources and applications on any device from a single console. Unified endpoint management is a step beyond traditional mobile device management.

How much does Ivanti cost?

Ivanti standalone solutions are priced at $65 per server or $30 per workstation. The integrated solutions for Ivanti Patch for SCCM or Ivanti Patch for Endpoint Manager are content subscriptions starting at $9 per endpoint for perpetual or $5 per endpoint for subscription.

Is Ivanti a good company to work for?

82% of employees at Ivanti say it is a great place to work compared to 59% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company.

Is Ivanti a product based company?

It produces software for IT Security, IT Service Management, IT Asset Management, Unified Endpoint Management, Identity Management and Supply Chain Management. It was formed in January 2017 with the merger of LANDESK and HEAT Software, and later acquired Cherwell Software….Ivanti.

Type Private
Website www.ivanti.com

What kind of company is Ivanti?

software company
Ivanti (/?i??v?nti?/) is an IT software company headquartered in South Jordan, Utah….Ivanti.

Type Private
Industry IT Security and Systems Management Software
Founded 1985
Headquarters South Jordan, Utah, United States

Who owns Pulse VPN?

Pulse Secure, LLC/Parent organizations

What does BlackBerry UEM do?

BlackBerry UEM provides an integrated view of users, devices, apps and policies, across multiple ownership models and platforms, including iOS, Android™, Windows 10®, macOS, and Chrome OS.

How does unified endpoint work?

Unified endpoint management is a process of managing and securing all of an organization’s servers and devices from a unified console. … UEM considers different devices and platforms to bring cross-platform security and management to IT departments, thus enhancing the scope of device administration and data security.

What is Ivanti endpoint management?

Ivanti Unified Endpoint Management. Provide your IT teams and end-users better experiences on a platform that manages and secures various devices from on-premises to the edge.

What is Ivanti endpoint security?

Ivanti Endpoint Security is an application that serves as a platform for other applications that protect your network from security risks. … After installing the Application Control or Device Control, you can configure your server to synchronize with your Active Directory.

What is it like to work at Ivanti?

As some have already stated, Ivanti used to be a great place to work. We had team activities, snacks, department lunches and more. Management would engage you in the hallways. You could have fun and get your work done.

Is Ivanti an MNC?

Ivanti (/?i??v?nti?/) is an IT software company headquartered in South Jordan, Utah….Ivanti.

Type Private
Industry IT Security and Systems Management Software
Founded 1985
Headquarters South Jordan, Utah, United States

Is Pulse Secure Ivanti?

IT security software company Ivanti has acquired two security companies: Enterprise mobile security firm MobileIron and corporate virtual network provider Pulse Secure.

Who did Ivanti acquire?

Ivanti, Inc., the automation platform that makes every IT connection smarter and more secure, today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Cherwell Software, a global leader in enterprise service management solutions. The terms of the Cherwell transaction were not disclosed.

Does BlackBerry Work spy on your phone?

The BlackBerry Work app will work with the iPhone 5 or newer, as well as any smart Android device. This includes smart phones, tablets, and the Apple Watch.

Is BlackBerry Work an MDM?

BlackBerry® Work combines enterprise email, calendar, contacts, presence, document access, document editing and more. Unlike MDM-based solutions, BlackBerry Work’s next-generation containerization protects all business data on corporate-owned and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) devices.

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