How do I fix the weather app on Windows 10?

How do I restore the weather app on Windows 10?

Reinstall the Weather app

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Apps -> Apps & features. …
  3. On the right side, look for Weather and click on it.
  4. Click on the Uninstall button to remove the app.
  5. Now, open the Store app.
  6. Find Weather in the Microsoft Store and click on the Get button.

Aug 6, 2018

Why has my weather app stopped working?

If the Weather Channel app is not working, here are the probable causes: The app is probably not updated. The gadget may be denying permissions requested by the app, such as location access. Normal app glitches.

How do I reset my weather app?

On an Android 2. x phone, navigate to Settings > Applications > Manage applications > All tab > Weather provider > Clear data. On an Android 4. x or higher phone, navigate to Settings > Apps > All > Weather > Clear data.

What is the best weather app for Windows 10?

Best Weather Apps for Windows 10 PCs (2021)

  • Weather.
  • MSN Weather.
  • WeatherBug.
  • MyRadar.
  • Forecast.
  • Simple Weather.
  • Perfect Weather Universal.
  • The Weather 14 Days.

How do I get my weather widget back?

Check and add weather widgets to your home screen For that, long-press on your Home Screen, and tap on ‘Widgets’. In the Widgets popup screen that appears, scroll down and tap on ‘Google’. You should now see the two new weather widgets available.

Why isn’t the weather on my home screen?

2. Check and add weather widgets to your home screen. Once you’ve installed the latest Google app beta version, you can go ahead and check if the new weather widgets now appear inside the Widgets screen. For that, long-press on your Home Screen, and tap on ‘Widgets’.

How do I update my weather app?

Tap “Auto refresh” to update how frequently your Android device updates its forecasts. You can also customize whether the widget automatically refreshes on opening, whether it should refresh at all if you’re roaming, widget transparency and whether you want to receive notifications about upcoming inclement weather.

What do you do when an app won t open?

Learn how to check your Android version.

  1. Step 1: Restart & update. Restart your phone. Important: Settings can vary by phone. For more info, contact your device manufacturer. …
  2. Step 2: Check for a larger app issue. Force stop the app. You can usually force stop an app through your phone’s Settings app.

What weather app does Microsoft use?

MSN Weather app
All about the MSN Weather app – Windows 10.

How do I download the weather app on my computer?

Download Weather App For Windows 10 – Best Software & Apps

  1. MyRadar. Varies with device. 3.8. …
  2. The Weather Network for Windows 10. 3.4. (24 votes) …
  3. Weather. 3.6. 3.5. …
  4. The Weather Network. Varies with device. 3.9. …
  5. RadarScope. Varies with device. 3.3. …
  6. YoWindow. 4.0.108. (230 votes) …
  7. Weather Radar Pro. 1.0. 2.9. …
  8. The Wall Street Journal.

Why did my weather app disappeared?

Restarting the phone brings back the temperature/app to the home screen for a few hours but then it disappears again. Any suggestions? Go to the Google app and tap the weather in the upper left of the screen. Then the options ellipsis “add to homescreen” and you’ll always have access.

What happened to the Google weather app?

The Weather app has been removed from your screen, but it still exists within the Google app on your phone. You can add it back at any time. If you love knowing the current weather, check out some other weather apps that you can use on your Android phone.

How do I get AccuWeather back on my home screen?

I don’t hear a HTC, but if you are new to Android you can go to the Apps Drawer (list) with the bottom app button and find the Widgets tab, where you can find the widget (probably AccuWeather) and swipe it back to a homescreen.

Why did my weather widget disappeared?

If you don’t see the new weather widgets on your Pixel, then chances are that you don’t have the beta version of the Google app installed on your device or you haven’t updated this app to its most recent version from the Play Store.

Why does my weather widget not update?

Remove it from the home screen then put it back also clear the weather apps cache then if it keeps doing that check in your settings that your weather app is whitelisted to not be put to sleep by the system as that is the most likely reason for a widget to not update properly.

How do I get my weather widget to update automatically?

Configure your desired settings. Tap the “Unit” field to change the default temperature unit. Tap “Auto refresh” to update how frequently your Android device updates its forecasts.

How do I fix an app not responding on my computer?

How can I fix the Program not responding error on Windows 10?

  1. Check your antivirus. …
  2. Reinstall the software. …
  3. Open fewer programs at a time. …
  4. Update Windows 10. …
  5. Scan and fix the Registry. …
  6. Run the System File Checker. …
  7. End Windows Desktop Manager task. …
  8. Make changes to your registry.

Nov 21, 2021

How do I get the weather widget on Windows 10?

Luckily, turning it back on only takes a moment. First, right-click the taskbar. In the menu that opens, select “News and Interests.” When a smaller menu opens off of that one, select “Show icon and text.” The weather widget will appear in your taskbar near the clock and the notification area.

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