Who is famatech?

Who is Famatech Corp?

Founded in 1999, Famatech is a world leader in developing remote control and network management software. Famatech’s award-winning software products are used by millions of IT professionals worldwide. Since launching Advanced Port Scanner in 2002, Famatech has continued to develop and improve this program.

Where is famatech based?

Company Description: FAMATECH SRL is located in Talmaciu, Romania and is part of the Ventilation, Heating, Air-Conditioning, and Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing Industry.

Can I trust radmin VPN?

Is Radmin VPN safe? Radmin is not a full VPN service and won’t make you safe on the web. It’s more for creating a LAN network where people can work or play games together. If you want a safe VPN, consider getting our #1 provider in NordVPN.

Is Radmin Viewer safe?

Security: Radmin offers excellent security by implementing 256-bit encryption. You can also take advantage of IP filtering, which enables you to restrict access to specific hosts and networks. … It also enables chat conversations between the host and viewer via text, voice and message modes.

Is Radmin a virus?

Radmin or Remote Administrator is a product of Famatech LLC for Windows PCs. Threat actors deploy it after cracking a server’s login, using a software vulnerability like Exploit. CVE-2014-1761. Gen, or convincing victims into opening an e-mail attachment that delivers a Trojan dropper.

Is Radmin Russian?

For secure, encrypted virtual LAN, we might highly recommend Radmin VPN. it’s free, and its community forum seems to be adequate if you ever run into problems. It’s especially good if you don’t have any particularly sensitive information you would like to stay private, since it’s based in Russia.

Does Radmin VPN hide your IP?

However, Radmin VPN logs activity whilst connected such as domain, IP address, and operating system information according to their privacy policy, but states it is not personally identifiable.

Is Radmin VPN fast?

The connection speed is up to 100Mbps.

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