What is zoiper used for?

How do I use zoiper for free?

Use our built-in QR code scanner to provide your employees, collegues or customers with a fool proof way to configure our softphone on iOS or android. All they need to do is scan a QR Code that you generated on our website and they will be ready to make their first calls within seconds.

Is zoiper good?

It is a very good softphone type software option and meets the expectations for which it was installed. It should be noted that the interface is much better than the vast majority of its competitors for Linux. The Zoiper perfectly completes its main function, which is to be able to make calls from your voip account.

Is zoiper safe?

All versions of Zoiper are scanned for viruses before we upload them to our website, Google Play, iTunes or the Windows Store. For your safety, please download Zoiper from these reputable sources only.

How do you use a zoiper softphone?

Configuring your account: Start Zoiper for Android, click “Config”, select “Accounts” and then “Add account”. When you see the question “Do you already have an account?” select “Yes”. Click “Manual Configuration”. If you do not know the type of your account, select SIP.

How much does zoiper cost?

Zoiper 5 PRO is a one time purchase….EU registered companies only.

Product Quantity Subtotal
Zoiper 5 PRO 1 $ 49.95
VAT $ 0
Total $ 49.95

1 Dec 2021

How do you use Asterisk with zoiper?

Configure your SIP phone

  1. Once Zoiper is opened, click the wrench icon to get to settings.
  2. Click “Add new SIP account”
  3. Enter 6001 for the account name, click OK.
  4. Enter the IP address of your Asterisk system in the Domain field.
  5. Enter 6001 in the Username field.
  6. Enter your SIP peer’s password in the Password field.

How do I log into zoiper?

In order to configure your account in Zoiper, go to “Settings“->”Accounts” and select Add account. After that select “Yes”(if you already have account) – “Manual configuration”. If you select “Select a provider” and your VoIP provider is listed you will just need to enter username and password.

How much is zoiper 5?

Zoiper 5 PRO is a one time purchase. There are no monthly or yearly subscription fees….EU registered companies only.

Product Quantity Subtotal
Zoiper 5 PRO 1 $ 49.95
VAT $ 0
Total $ 49.95

1 Dec 2021

What is zoiper pro?

Zoiper is a cross-platform VoIP softphone dialer solution that supports voice and video calling along with instant messaging functionality.

How do I enable video calling on asterisk?

Use your favourite text editor to open /etc/asterisk/sip. conf for editing. Add the following line in the [general] section: videosupport=yes This will enable Video support for your Asterisk.

How do you get zoiper to work?

Android: In order to configure your account in Zoiper, go to navigation drawer > “Settings”-> “Accounts” and tap Add account (+) button. Then you can directly enter your SIP/IAX username and password to ‘Create an account’, or if you have an account with a listed provider – you can select ‘Providers list’:

How do I make a call on zoiper?

Making calls To be able to make an outgoing call, you will need to enter the number in the dialing field, and add all the needed prefixes such as coutry code, areacode, etc., or select a contact from your contact list. At the moment Zoiper for Android does not have a seprate contact list.

What is zoiper 5 used for?

The new Zoiper 5 PRO desktop softphone for Windows, macOS and Linux, integrates contacts from Outlook, LDAP, Google contacts, Windows and macOS contacts, and enables advanced calling from third-party applications such as browsers, email clients, call center software, and other web-based solutions.

Does Asterisk support video calls?

Asterisk supports video telephony in the core infrastructure. Internally, it’s one audio stream and one video stream in the same call.

How do I make Freepbx calls?

0:3813:30FreePBX Video Calling – YouTubeYouTube

How do I check my voicemail on zoiper?

On the bottom of the phone, you will find a few buttons for quick access to the Presence status, Voicemail, Volume controls, Call settings, as well as error message notifications.

How do I make an international call using zoiper?

Please run your Zoiper for Android, then go to Config and select Number Rewriting. Select your country from the list. Now you need to go back, select Accounts and then select the account you will be using.

How do I transfer a call on zoiper?

click the more button in the active call window; 2. click the transfer button to initiate the call transfer; 3. type the number of the contact you would like to transfer the call to; 4. click the transfer button again to transfer the call; 5.

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