What is user Init?

What is the userinit exe process?

userinit.exe is a key process in the Windows operating system. On boot-up it manages the different start up sequences needed, such as establishing network connection and starting up the Windows shell. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.

What is userinit registry?

Userinit. Userinit specifies the executabe that Winlogon runs when a user logs into Windows. The (default) value of Userinit is C:\Windows\system32\userinit.exe .

What is Sihost?

Sihost.exe stands for Shell Infrastructure Host file. It is an executable system file that runs in the background and is one of the crucial files for Windows 11/10. Sihost.exe carries out various processes in Windows 10, including starting and launching the context menu, action center, etc.

What is C Windows System32 Winlogon exe?

winlogon.exe is a legitimate process file popularly known as Windows NT Logon Application. It is associated with Windows Operating System developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is located in C:\Windows\System32 by default.

What is Dllhost exe used for?

Summary. Dllhost.exe is a safe Windows process created by Microsoft. It is used for launching other applications and services. It should be left running as it is critical to several system resources.

How do I stop splwow64 exe?

The expected normal behavior is that the splwow64.exe process should terminate automatically as soon as your print job completes – but if the process is still running in the Task Manager, it might become an error and can crash on your device – to prevent this, you need to set the Print Spooler Startup type value to

Where is userinit registry key?

Navigate to: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon The userinit entry is located here. Edit the userinit string if necessary.

Where is Windows NT in Regedit?

Depending on the Windows version, you can access this value from the Registry editor or even using the command line. This information is always stored inside the same key – HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion.

What is Werfault?

werfault.exe is a process for Windows 10 or 11 that reports errors in Windows, and in Windows applications. These error reports help developers find and fix bugs in Windows along with the apps you use every day. … werfault.exe stands for Windows Error Reporting Fault.

What is Fontdrvhost?

Fontdrvhost.exe is a Windows system process. Also known as Usermode Font Driver Host, the fontdrvhost.exe process is responsible for managing fonts on your Windows system. It’s around 802KB in size (as of Windows 10 version 1909) and is typically found in the System32 folder.

What happens if I delete winlogon exe?

This is a legitimate file and removing it will damage your Windows installation. Tech support scammers have pointed to winlogon.exe and other critical system processes and said “If you see this running on your PC, you have malware”.

Can I disable winlogon?

As mentioned before, the Winlogon.exe is a critical part of the login process and it is running in the background all the time. … Besides, if the winlogon.exe file cannot be loaded when starting Windows, you may get the blue screen error 0xC000021A. So you shouldn’t disable the winlogon.exe process.

Should I remove Dllhost exe?

The genuine dllhost.exe file is a software component of Microsoft Windows Operating System by Microsoft Corporation. “Dllhost.exe”, if located in “C:\Windows\System32”, is the Windows “COM Surrogate” process and should not be removed.

What happens if you delete Dllhost?

The program dllhost.exe is used in conjunction with many DLL files to passively manage and access DLL files. Without a functioning DLL host file, your computer’s operating system could become unstable, resulting in the dreaded blue screen of death.

What does splwow64 exe do?

SPLWOW64.exe is a Windows process that runs when using 32-bit printer drivers on 64 bit Windows operating systems. This process executes when print jobs are sent, and at times does not properly shut down following the completion of the job.

Why does splwow64 exe crash?

Each program on Windows has a Registry key and if in any case that Registry key gets corrupted, the program will fail to operate, resulting in errors like the SPLwow64.exe error. If the first 2 methods did not work for you, then try modifying a few Registry keys to resolve the issue.

What is Winlogon shell?

Winlogon.exe is a Windows component responsible for actions at logon/logoff as well as the secure attention sequence (SAS) triggered by Ctrl-Alt-Delete.

What is GRE_Initialize?

Description. The GRE_Initialize subkey holds screen raster fonts which are used by command windows. The fonts are stored in the Systemroot\WINNT\system32\dllcache folder and are hidden to prevent them from being accidentally deleted.

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