What is TaniumClient EXE?

What is Tanium software used for?

Tanium is a feature-packed endpoint management and endpoint security platform designed to strengthen and optimize an organization’s cybersecurity efforts.

Is Tanium a spyware?

Tanium doesn’t reach smartphones or most tablets. It’s been compiled for Android but isn’t designed to be a mobile device management platform, Lea said. … Among other things, they can use IOCs (indicators of compromise), which are collections of malware information compiled by security companies and other sources.

Can I disable Tanium client?

Using a web browser on a system that has connectivity to the Tanium Server, access the Tanium Server web user interface (UI) and log on with CAC. From the Dashboard, under “Client Service Hardening“, click on “Hide From Add-Remove Programs”.

How do you remove Tanium from Windows?

You can use various tools to uninstall the Tanium Client….The uninst.exe program is in the Tanium Client installation directory.

  1. Access the Tanium Console.
  2. From the Main menu, go to Administration > Configuration > Platform Settings.
  3. Click Create Setting, and add the following setting, and click Save.

Is Tanium an MDM?

Enforce is a combination of mobile device management (MDM) technologies along with the Tanium Client to not only configure policy settings but provide centralized reporting on their effectiveness.

Is Tanium a vulnerability scanner?

Tanium Comply conducts vulnerability and compliance assessments against operating systems, applications, and security configurations and policies. It provides the data necessary to help eliminate security exposures, improve overall IT hygiene and simplify preparation for audits.

Where are Tanium logs stored?

View and configure logs On Windows infrastructure, Tanium Client Management records service logs in the client-management. log file in the \Program Files\Tanium\Tanium Module Server\services\client-management-files directory on the Module Server.

Who created Tanium?

Orion Hindawi
David Hindawi

The Tanium Story. Our mission. Father and son founders David and Orion Hindawi make it their mission to empower the world’s largest organizations to manage and protect their mission-critical networks.

How do you know if Tanium is running?

Verify a Tanium Cluster deployment

  1. Go to Administration > Content > Packages.
  2. Select the row for Set Tanium Server Name List.
  3. Click Status and check that the files have been downloaded and are now cached on both servers.

What is Tanium CX?

TaniumCX is designed to align with Tanium’s single agent goal. Using client extensions allows us to embrace native OS features safely, reduce the client resource footprint, stop bad behavior from child processes, and isolate the effect of bugs.

How do I know if Tanium is installed?

After you import or upgrade Client Management, verify that the correct version of Endpoint Configuration is installed:

  1. Refresh your browser.
  2. From the Main menu, go to Administration > Shared Services > Endpoint Configuration to open the Endpoint Configuration Overview page.
  3. To display version information, click Info .

Is Tanium an antivirus?

Antivirus Management With Tanium Enforce, leverage native AV capabilities by completely managing and configuring Defender across the organization.

How can I learn Tanium?

Tanium offers a number of instructor-led and online, self-paced training courses ranging from introductory topics to familiarize yourself with the Tanium platform and core functions, usage and best practices, to advanced topics. A full list of training offerings is available at https://tanium.com/training.

Is Tanium secure?

Tanium provides a powerful and flexible platform to secure endpoint devices. Rapidly respond to cyber threats with real-time visibility and comprehensive control.

How do you remove Tanium?

Prepare an uninstall package On the list of filtered installed applications, select all rows (assuming all of them show the “sketchup” application you want to uninstall). Click the “Deploy Action” button at the top of the results grid. In the “Deployment Package” section, type “Uninstall MSI”.

What is a sensor in Tanium?

A sensor is a script that runs on an endpoint to compute a response to a Tanium question. … Sensors enable you to ask questions that collect information such as the following: Hardware and software inventory and configuration. Running applications and processes. Files and directories.

How much is Tanium worth?

Tanium was founded by father and son duo David and Orion Hindawi, who previously started information management company BigFix. The Kirkland, Washington-based company has raised $1.06 billion, valued at $9.2 billion and has a team of more than 2,000 employees.

How does Tanium communicate?

Tanium Core Platform supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) for encrypted communication in connections from Tanium Clients to the Tanium Server or Zone Server . Tanium Client 7.4 or later uses TLS communication by default between client peers.

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