What is StorageCraft ShadowProtect?

What is ShadowProtect server?

ShadowProtect® backup and disaster recovery software ensures on-prem business systems and data are fully protected and always available. Fast Recovery. Flexible, Reliable Recovery. Set It and Forget It. Disaster Recovery Cloud.

How much does ShadowProtect cost?

You can buy ShadowProtect SPX as a one-time purchase for $99. Subscription plans are available for Windows Server and other advanced versions.

What is ShadowProtect backup agent?

Backup Agent. The engine that creates a system’s point-in-time backup images. The ShadowProtect console manages the operation of this backup agent. StorageCraft Recovery Environment.

What is shadow Pro SPX?

StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX is the latest sector-based backup and disaster recovery product from StorageCraft. SPX delivers major benefits for: Linux users: SPX seamlessly extends the capabilities of ShadowProtect to Linux servers—both virtual and physical.

Is ShadowProtect free?

Free Trial. Try ShadowProtect on Windows, Linux, or both for free for 30 days. … Microsoft Windows virtual and physical servers, desktops, and laptops.

What is StorageCraft OneXafe?

Direct-to-Cloud Data Protection For simpler environments, OneXafe Solo is a plug-and-play data protection appliance that streams data directly to StorageCraft Cloud Services for business continuity. OneXafe Solo uses StorageCraft OneSystem for cloud-based management from anywhere, anytime through any web browser.

Does datto use ShadowProtect?

ShadowProtect is the software that resides on your protected Windows machine that works with ShadowSnap to create backups that are sent to your Datto device.

What is ShadowXafe?

ShadowXafe® is the next-generation data recovery and backup software solution that brings comprehensive, SLA-driven management for the complete data protection lifecycle. Request 30-Day Free Trial.

What is the latest version of ShadowProtect?

Now supports Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2. Supports the latest version of VirtualBox–VirtualBox v4. 3.2….ShadowProtect version 5.2. 7 (May 2016)

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•20 Oct 2021

What is OneXafe?

An easily managed network-attached storage (NAS) solution, OneXafe offers scale-out architecture, enabling you to seamlessly add one drive at a time or multiple nodes in a cluster. OneXafe delivers scale-out storage for large-scale unstructured data and backup targets.

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What is the purpose of a rescue agent Datto?

The feature creates a new backup agent on the Protect tab of the Datto appliance’s GUI and writes all of the Source Agent’s configurations and data changes to automatic incremental snapshots. The agent will continue to back itself up until you restore the production machine or its replacement.

What is OneXafe solo?

OneXafe Solo is a true plug-and-play device-based data protection built for your SMB customer. OneXafe Solo streams data directly to the StorageCraft purpose-built cloud for complete business continuity. … OneXafe Solo utilizes StorageCraft’s cloud-based platform OneSystem for anywhere, anytime management.

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How do I get rid of Datto agent?


  1. Navigate to the Cloud Continuity Status page in the Datto Partner Portal.
  2. Select the Agent Management Menu next to the dataset that you wish to delete, and then click Delete agent, as shown in Figure 1. …
  3. You will see the prompt shown in Figure 2. …
  4. The Success confirmation will appear.

10 Dec 2021

How do I order a round trip?


  1. Log into the Partner Portal.
  2. Click the Status tab, then select BCDR Status from the drop-down menu. Figure 1: The Datto Partner Portal.
  3. Click the name of the device needing the RoundTrip drive. …
  4. Scroll to the RoundTrips card and click the Order RoundTrip button. …
  5. Fill out the Order RoundTrip form.

15 Sept 2021

How many machines physical virtual Can a OneXafe Solo protect?

Highlights of this OneXafe Solo release: SLA-based protection for one or many (20+) physical or virtual machines. Designed to backup directly to StorageCraft Cloud Services.

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