What is NSD EXE?

What is nsd in Lotus Notes?

NSD (Notes System Diagnostic) is one of the primary diagnostics used for the Lotus Domino Product Suite. It is used to troubleshoot crashes, hangs, and severe performance problems for Lotus Notes. NSD can be run under two contexts: Manually – run from a command prompt to troubleshoot hangs and performance problems.

How do I uninstall Lotus Notes?

Lotus Notes – How to Uninstall Lotus Notes

  1. Click Start on your taskbar.
  2. Select Control Panel.
  3. From the Control Panel window, double click on Add/Remove Programs.

Aug 11, 2020

What is nice EXE?

You can use the supplied Notes® Install Cleanup Executable (NICE) tool to clean up a failed install, failed uninstall, or failed upgrade. You can also use the tool to uninstall an existing version of Notes, and clean up extraneous files, before performing an upgrade installation.

How do I get rid of HCL notes?

You can uninstall Notes® by dragging HCL Notes. app from /Applications to the trash. You can also uninstall Notes using the uninstaller application supplied with the Notes install media. Both methods preserve user data.

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