What is FMAudit onsite?

What does FMAudit stand for?

FMAudit is real time monitoring software that reports MFD and printer information to Toshiba. This information is used to provide accurate billing and consumable usage. If you are using FMAudit, Toshiba will know when you are running low on toner and ship some to your location, so your device will always have toner.

Is FMAudit secure?

Security Concerns FMAudit Onsite allows audit information to be sent from the target network to a remote destination as an attachment to an email (default port 25) or an XML stream (default port 80). By default, this information is encrypted, and requires a user and pass combination for authentication.

How do I set up FMAudit?

Installing the FMAudit Onsite client

  1. Step One – Downloading FMAudit Onsite client. Open Internet Explorer and go to the following website. http://fma.lesolsoncompany.com. …
  2. Step 2 – Installing FMAudit Onsite client. Click Next. Click ‘I Agree’. …
  3. Step 3 – Verify the Onsite client is reporting.

Feb 9, 2010

Who owns FMAudit?

ECi Software Solutions
FMAudit LLC was acquired by ECi Software Solutions on Mar 10, 2011 .

What is PrintFleet com?

PrintFleet is a cloud-based print management solution which offers remote monitoring functionality for managed print service providers and helps OEMs, suppliers, and resellers to control and maintain their customer relationships.

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