What is Floomby?

Is Floomby safe?

Floomby proves to be highly reliable and allows you to conveniently multitask without worrying about the unnecessary usage of the resources by Floomby running in the background.

How do I uninstall Floomby?

Depending on the version of Windows, the program can be uninstalled using one of the following ways:

  1. For Windows 10: Start > Settings > Programs and features.
  2. Option 1: Start > Programs > Floomby > Uninstall.
  3. Option 2: Start > Control Panel > Programs and features.

How do I use Floomby?

You can press Alt+PrtScr to capture the active window and Shift+PrtScr to capture the entire screen. Use both clicks of the mouse instead of a dedicated keyboard button to capture the screen. Show/hide the cursor on the screenshot. Upload the captured screenshot directly to the server.

What is Floomby io?

Instantly access video capture and screenshot functions using your mouse or a keyboard. Mouse and keyboard hotkeys.

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