What does Jing software do?

What is Jing used for?

Jing is a fast and easy way to simply and easily show something on your screen to others. It is a screencast which allows you to capture an image or a video of a document you need to share with a colleague. The focus is on instant sharing. (It is also the same company as Camtasia.)

Is Jing discontinued?

We have decided to end development on Jing, and to build a replacement tool called TechSmith Capture. … This new screen recorder is planned to have many advantages over Jing video including the following.

What replaced Jing?

Most alternatives are Screenshot Capture , Screen Recorders and Screen Casting Tools. The best alternative is ShareX, which is both free and Open Source. Other great apps like Jing are Greenshot (Freemium, Open Source), LightShot (Free), SimpleScreenRecorder (Free, Open Source) and FastStone Capture (Paid).

What is Jing technology?

Jing is a free Screen Capturing and Screen Casting tool from TechSmith (same people who bring us Camtasia and SnagIt). With Jing it is really simple to add images (Screen Captures) and videos (Screen Castings) to all kinds of things: IMs, Blog […]

Does Jing record audio?

If you wish to record audio, you will need a computer microphone. Videos are limited to 5 minutes in length. It is not possible to edit a video capture. To begin a video capture, mouse over the Jing “sun” and click on the Capture button.

Is Jing a yin or yang?

Jing qi (??) can be understood as essential qi, vital qi, qi in the form of essence; that is, essence as yin. … It is the yang. Jing qi (??) can then be understood to be a yin/yang pairing where the yang qi operates upon the yin essence and transforms and transports it.

Does Jing work on Mac?

To make notes on screen captures. Jing does everything I need and more. It’s easy to use and best of all, it’s free! Didn’t work for MAC OS X 10.9.

What is a Jing video?

Jing was a screencasting computer program launched in 2007 as Jing Project by the TechSmith Corporation. The software took a picture or video of the user’s computer screen and uploaded it to the Web, FTP, computer or clipboard. … All users (regardless of subscription) could use this service until 28 February 2013.

How many computers can I install Camtasia on?

two computers
1. TechSmith software is licensed per user, so how many computers can I install it on? Each user may install and use one copy of the software product on up to two computers for their sole use, provided only one computer is in use at any given time. This includes home and work, or a laptop and desktop.

How do you use Jing?

3:2912:04Techsmith Jing 2019: A Full Introduction #Jing – YouTubeYouTube

What is a Jing link?

Jing is a free screen recording app with which you capture your photos or record a video of your screen easily. Share it through a link, export to social media, or download it on your PC.

Is Jing finite?

Jing is said to be stored in the Kidneys and is responsible for development in children and teenagers, and aging in adults. We are each born with finite amount of Jing. As you go through life, you gradually use up your Jing.

How long does it take to replenish Jing?

These symptoms of adrenal stress (aka leaking Jing) are rampant in the Western lifestyle and we intend to begin restoring the core energy over 30 days so that you can stop leaking and begin building your Jing.

What is Jing essence?

Jing is the Chinese expression for the essential fluid of our physical body. … It is the most refined “essence of Qi”: the material basis for the body, the fluid essence that contains the life force.

How do I license in Camtasia?

Open Camtasia. Select Help > Enter Sofware Key. Click Unlock Camtasia. Enter your software key and then click the Unlock button.

Can I share a Camtasia license?

Each user may install and use one copy of the software product on up to two computers for their sole use, provided only one computer is in use at any given time. This includes home and work, or a laptop and desktop. 2. … Multi-user licenses for Snagit and Camtasia start at five users.

Is Jing and Snagit the same?

TechSmith Capture offers modernized enhancements including a new approach to the User Interface that better aligns with our other flagship screen capture products, Snagit and Camtasia. …

How can I improve my Jing?

In general, the foods in nature which are designed to nourish offspring will enhance your Jing, as well as some animal organs and tissues:

  1. Royal jelly.
  2. Eggs of birds e.g. Chickens or ducks.
  3. Fish eggs or roe.
  4. Seeds and nuts.
  5. Pollen.
  6. Bone marrow, particularly from pig spine.
  7. Brains.
  8. Kidneys.

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