Working CAST (Volunteering)

We’re looking for Volunteers!!!!  The success of our programs, events and activities depend on the willingness of our members to volunteer their time and talents.  Your participation in Working CAST will allow everyone to participate and have fun.  Volunteering will require a commitment of time (will vary with event), your expertise (especially in certain committees) and a willingness to be flexible, and pleasant.  There are many opportunities for all ages so it’s just a matter of making choices.  See the types of volunteer opportunities listed below:

Working on a Committee
  • ♦Fundraising
  • ♦Sponsorship
  • ♦Membership
  • ♦Events
  • ♦Marketing
  • ♦Recruitment
  • ♦In-Game Activities (Hype Team!)
  • ♦Tailgates
  • ♦Away Games
  • ♦College Cast
  • ♦Community Outreach (i.e. Hands on Atlanta, Westside Flag Football, Atlanta Food Bank, My Sister’s Closet, etc)
Types of Tasks and Activities:
  • ♦Check – in at ATL CAST events
  • ♦Counting, folding, dispensing CAST Swag items
  • ♦Recruiting & signing up new members
  • ♦Relaying information regarding ATL CAST/Membership
  • ♦Updating website
  • ♦Use of automation
  • ♦Leading chants and cheers
  • ♦Other tasks assigned by committee director
Volunteer Mission Statement:  CAST Members volunteering their time and talents is critical to increasing our impact on Falcons football, our community and our organization.  We are a total volunteer organization and seek to provide rewarding opportunities for our members to engage our Falcons and Atlanta community and grow. Goals:
  • ♦Increase our CAST presence world-wide
  • ♦Support our communities through volunteerism and donations
  • ♦Make CAST events well run and enjoyable for all
  • ♦Maintain a working CAST of at least 300 members
Technology: We use the app signup.com as our tool to sign up volunteers for various events and to keep track of the volunteer hours.  If you know that you plan on volunteering throughout the season, create an account on signup.com. Volunteer Information: For each volunteer opportunity you will be provided the name of an event point of contact along with contact and location information and choices of shifts (if applicable) or work hours.  Working as a volunteer will allow the necessary mechanics of events, such as checking members in, issuing swag, etc, to be done smoothly and spread across numerous people to allow all members to enjoy whatever event is being worked. Dress: There is no requirement for any specific volunteer dress.  An exception will be those events that CAST is working for non-CAST events and a specific dress is required (this is normally provided).  Badges will be provided and should be worn during the volunteer shift. Behavior: All CAST volunteers are expected to adhere to the ATL CAST and Falcons Code of Conduct.  There are times when people are not pleasant, however we implore our volunteers to always be pleasant and professional.

Rise Up!