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It is not a case of criticizing for the sake of criticizing. I agree with legislation we debated last week, whether it is the Personal Services legislation; I agreed wholeheartedly and commended government for it. I agree with the government on a lot of other housekeeping or substantial bills. Again, Mr. Speaker, the decision speaks for itself. I do not know if – I know, actually, that Mr. Cummings did not review this decision when he presented his recommendations, because the decision had not been made. Now, it would be interesting to know if Mr. Cummings had an opportunity to review it after it came out and maybe pass that information on to government. Actually, it is funny how this is going to extend because this covers the public bodies. There should be more sub-committees of committees, and committees of that, and sub-committees of every other public body. It will not be long before Eastern Health starts doing their meetings with the lawyers in there.

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When we embarked on the public consultation process, we were open to a comprehensive and critical review of this act. The amendments that we have in Bill 29 are the results of this extensive jurisdictional analysis. There are many positive changes, as I mentioned in my initial presentation of this bill. What we have done, we have now allowed public bodies the ability to disclose much more personal information than they could before. We have now, Mr. Speaker, ensured much more flexible and comprehensive protection of third-party business information.

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I understand there is something with the serious files, but I am wondering about the less-than-serious files, depending on the nature of the charge or the investigation. There are people out there who have not been able to position themselves where they want to be because the police force, whether it is the RNC or RCMP, have an open file that has no movement but remains open. Certainly, the same on subsection , where “a record relating to an investigation by the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary that would reveal the identity of a confidential source…”. I agree with the hon. minister; he has the experience on this. Going back through some of the clauses, I think they could be applied and I think the commissioner could certainly deal with making this information available rather than going through the court, period. I appreciate the opportunity to stand and speak here again to this piece of legislation now after all the excitement. It is obviously what I would call a first-hand response to somebody who was in the system. In a case like that, it is not unusual for some time in the future for a police officer to receive new information, it happens. Sometimes in a serious investigation it may be many years down the road. What we are saying here is while that investigation is not completed, while that investigation and all matters in respect of the investigation have not been completed, that those records should be protected, and so they should be in the best interests of that investigation.

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The Speaker has considered the amendment put forward by the Member for St. John’s North and upon examination of the wording of the amendment, found it to be identical to the motion that was put forward earlier this morning by the Member for St. Barbe. At that time, the amendment was not in order, and it is not in order at this time. We have an amendment put forward by the Member for St. John’s North and at this time we will take a recess to consider whether the amendment is in order. In any case, Mr. Speaker, the number one reason, the number one thing the New Democratic Party caucus does not like about Bill 29 is that Bill 29, indeed, appears to not have a proper name. It is more like denying access to information, rather than providing access to information. It should have a name that better reflects what, in fact, it is accomplishing. Mr. Speaker, if you can judge from media reports and the way journalists have responded to this, I cannot see how this strengthens access to information. This is more in the order of denying access to information than it is about providing an ease of access to information. I will say to the Opposition House Leader, that there is no provision. Once a motion is put forward, an amendment, then there are no other speakers until there is a ruling on that amendment.

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