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It could have been the beating heat and humidity but I’m almost certain it was because they were watching anther jaw-dropping performance by our favorite boys. This was one of the most high-energy crowds I’ve ever seen. The night ended up being one of our most memorable performances. As I type, Depeche Mode are on stage at the wondrous Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver, Colorado. Check out some photos from tonight’s gig and some backstage shots.

  • Sensibility, even though we were faced with tough times, you know.
  • The start-up makes its money through commercial property lending – i.e. loans to support the spaces in which businesses operate.
  • Perhaps the most famous of the sides recorded for Black Patti are those byWillie Hightower‘s jazz band.
  • I’m heading home for a few days, before the tour hits Copenhagen.”
  • I mean some are giving up tremendous businesses in order to sit for four or maybe eight or whatever the period of time is.

An established mortgage specialist, Masthaven Finance received its UK banking licence in late 2016. In September 2017, Goldman unveiled its plans to move into the UK retail banking market with Marcus, starting with savings and deposits. Its easy-access savings account has always offered a more competitive rate than the vast majority of UK banks. In February 2021, the start-up went crowdfunding via Seedrs to raise £415,000. As of May 2021, people could still only sign up to its waitlist. The fintech’s focus is on migrant workers and students in the UK, offering them paid-for current accounts with money transfers, personal and SME loans, and mortgages.

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Some mainlanders living in Hong Kong, feeling uncomfortable and even unsafe, have chosen to leave the city. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, anti-mainlander sentiment has intensified, with some shops and restaurants refusing service to mainland Chinese customers and banning Mandarin speakers .

The winter monsoon can bring polluted air from the mainland, while the summer monsoon can bring cleaner air off the South China Sea. Despite Hong Kong’s name meaning “fragrant harbour”, this is not always so. Air pollution is a big problem due to a high population density and industrial pollution from mainland China. During periods of very bad air pollution tourists will find visibility drastically reduced, especially from Victoria Peak.