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In Game One against the Boston Bruins, Luongo stopped 36 saves and celebrated a 1-0 shutout victory. The Canucks took Game Two as well, as Luongo shined again and the Canucks compiled a 2-0 series lead, heading on the road to Boston. The train fell off the tracks early and often in Beantown, as Luongo allowed eight goals in Game Three, and allowed four goals on 20 shots in Game 4, before being pulled in favour of Cory Schneider. Returning to Vancouver under a microscope, Luongo recored 31 saves and his second shutout of the postseason, beating the Bruins 1-0.

The Nassau is a game played for one bet on the front 9, another bet on the back 9, and can also have a 3rd bet for the over-all 18. This game is played in the match-play format where points are awarded for each hole won outright throughout each 9. Total score is not important as losing a hole 8 to 4 is only one lost hole and does not take a player out of the match. Two individuals play against each other or every individual plays against any number of other players in the tournament field for total score on the round of golf. It can be for just overall score on the round or in the form of aNassau. BANGO – The player whose ball is closest to the pin when all balls are on the green gets a point. ▪ Great game to include higher handicap players on the action.

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Another team game, this one can get out of hand if you’re applying a monetary value to each point – but it’s a unique twist on a usual ‘scoring’ game. Games played on the course can be as simple as a match against a friend or family member all the way to a complicated tracker of accomplishments resulting in, perhaps, a couple of loonies passed between hands. Create personalised products or shop from our designer marketplace. The Stepsheets are provided in both pdf and png formats. Your individual browser and computer/device combination may work better with one format than the other. If you want to actually print out a Stepsheet, the pdf format may be the better choice. Visit our page on Golf Balls to learn ALL you need to know to determine which ball is best suited to your unique swing speed and style of play.

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  • Can be played that the first shot must reach the green , or can played that getting down on the second shot can be from anywhere.

Points are accumulated every hole, and whoever has the most wins in the end. ▪ The order in which golfers tee off, regardless of score, rotates every hole so each player becomes the Wolf on a continual basis. ▪ Alternate partners every six holes playing match-play. ▪ The teams separately pick their best drives, and alternate shots between teammates from there for the hole. The all-time team has one sport left to fill, and only one player to fill it. And you can’t have a conversation about the last decade of Canucks hockey without mentioning the greatest netminder in Vancouver Canucks history, and the battle he faced on the ice and off of it. He was the star of a soap opera he never intended to be casted in, yet he rose to the occasion more often than not, and was a key part of Canucks lore. A point is given to the player in the group whose ball is closest to the pin once all balls are on the green . Keep track of your individual scores as well as a team score when using team ball.

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We often use any number and combination of the suggestions below in what we call a “Dot Game” where winning any one of these gives you a point or a “dot”. ▪ Once the Banker hits, they get the option of Pressing back, however, the Banker must Press everyone. ▪ A minimum and maximum bet amount per hole is established by the group. ▪ Player with the lowest score on the hole becomes Chairman.

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Luongo jerseys can be seen throughout Canucks games to date, and one can even be seen hanging in my closet, but please don’t come in my house. Luongo played the first two against Los Angeles, losing both in Vancouver, and giving the net up to Cory Schneider for Game 3. Luongo played back-up for the rest of the series that saw the Canucks get upset by the eventual Stanley Cup Champions 4-1, and fuelled the trade rumours for good. A point is given to each person who puts her tee shot on the green. Get exclusive offers by signing up to our mailing list. We’re still trying to score and playing very very small amounts. Yesterday was set up to be a longer round, which made playing in turn & honours easier. At Tobii Dynavox we take data protection very seriously. We want you to know you can trust us to respect your privacy and keep your personal information safe. As of May 25, 2018, we’re aligning with the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation . A popular move when playing Nassau’s is to ‘press’ (basically double-or-nothing on the original bet), which you could do if you were down a few strokes and wanted to try for a late-round charge. Golfers apply points to each hole and the lowest score wins the pot.