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In this section, we explain the difference between live dealer and RNG roulette, look at different versions available, list best places to play and talk about roulette bonuses. As a rule of thumb, online versions use the European single zero wheel and more generous payouts. Brick-and-mortar casinos tend to use the American wheel and lower payouts. While American Roulette is a great game enjoyed by players the world over, it is usually the version that introduces new players who then go on to play European or French Roulette. The Double 0 pocket is a license to kill the RTP, and players searching for a roulette game with better odds don’t have far to look. European Roulette wheels feature thirty-seven pockets rather than the American version of thirty-eight that incorporates the double zero. This translates into a nearly 50% reduction in the House advantage faced by European Roulette players. There is no unanimous agreement on the origins of Roulette. Some believe it is based on an ancient Chinese board game that required to arrange 37 animal figurines in a magic square. Closer to Roulette as we know it today, Roman and Greek soldiers in ancient times used to play betting games involving spinning a shield or a chariot wheel. For such a simple game, roulette packs a lot of excitement. Watch as the dealer whips a ball around the wheel, and make bets on where it will land.

While we have been specifically talking about land-based casinos and actual physical roulette wheels and tables, you’ll probably already know that you can play the game online as well. Snake bets are not always available at roulette tables at many casinos, but some do accept them. This bet covers 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, and 34, which are numbers that move up and down the board in a snake-like fashion. Placing this bet involves putting the chip on the lower corner of the number 34. Once again, the actual odds of winning this bet are 2.083 to 1. Once the spin has finished, and the winning number has been revealed, the dealer will first remove all losing chips from the table.

Special Rules For American Roulette

For example, if a player puts $1,000 in chips on red number one, the croupier knows exactly what to do after the spin. Should red number one come up, the player collects winnings of $36,000, being his initial stake plus a $35,000 payout at odds of 35-1. If anything else comes up, the croupier takes the $1,000 and it goes to the casino. To get a clear picture of how payouts work, you need to familiarize yourself with the different types of roulette bets. Although this may seem daunting because of the various bets with individual odds, it’s far from the truth. French roulette is by far the roulette variant that has the lowest house edge, so players will flock to the games where they have the advantage. The payout percentage is also higher, so it’s likely that players win more often when it comes to French roulette. American Roulette is among the most popular roulette variants at land-based casinos and with its popularity increasing at online casinos as well. We have put together a comprehensive list of the most commonly asked questions. These are questions that have been asked by beginners and expert roulette players alike. We have done our best to answer these questions as thoroughly as possible. When it comes to roulette, some best practices and strategies help you sway the odds in your favor.

  • The Palais Royal version featured two slots for zero and all the roulette bet options available in the modern version.
  • However, the wheel gained popularity at the turn of the 19th century, around the time of the French revolution.
  • We cover these rules in detail, including their RTPs and odds in the dedicated French Roulette section below.
  • As can be seen, the house edge is uniform across the range of typical bets.
  • While the two share much in common, they also boast some fundamental differences, as you’ll discover below.

Best practice is to reference acredible online roulette portal for advice on where to get started. Betting on red or black, as has been portrayed so famously as a go-to roulette wager, pays out at 1-1 if you win. Straight bets are wagers placed on the ball landing on a single number. For example, you bet on the ball landing in the red number seven pocket. If you’re right, you stand to collect to the tune of 35-1. Similar to the European Wheel, probabilities on American roulette are calculated in the same way. Consequently, each player has around 47% chance of winning a game.

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Designed to provide a little additional entertainment value to the experience. With sharper graphics and a more visually pleasing gaming experience. Mini Roulette A simplified version of the game with only 12 numbers on the table and one zero. Taking the worry out of picking a number from a list of 36.

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