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Please check to see if there is a current phone line connected to the property, as the landlord is not obliged to provide one, or pay to have one installed. Rogers won’t charge consumers for the charges owing on lost and stolen cell phones any more. The company says if Rogers customers on discounted corporate plans see a lower price, on the “same employee discount cellphone plan” advertised online, call Rogers and they will match it. Rogers tried to bill me for digital phone service even though I changed to another phone provider and they also charged me for 3/4 of month charge for internet when I gave them 30 days notice.

I’d suggest not being loyal to one provider, but to always price-shop the marketplace. One way a company can do you in is by offering low teaser rates, and then jacking them up over time if you don’t call in and complain. 3) On Monday I went to work 4hr away from Toronto and was going home around 7 pm. I told my son to text his Mom to see if the phone was fixed, so she called her mother to test calling our landline and still it was not working.

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Have been trained to understand and provide equal opportunities to serve everyone’s individual needs. Management Inc. places significant importance on maintaining our properties. If you have any maintenance requests or concerns, please complete the maintenance request form available online or contact your Resident Manager directly to complete the forms available at your building. For consumer regular plans, please visit any of our Uptown locations and our team will be happy to review any billing and/or account inquiries. To change your address on your driver’s license and ownership, visit the Ministry of Transportation office closest to you.

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It also conveniently warns you when you are running low. As discussed in point 6 of post 1 of this thread, Rogers will only activate a STB that is a Rogers Ontario STB. The reasons why are discussed in various posts in this thread and the link below. There is zero possibility of having Rogers Ontario activate a US STB on your account. If you cancel with Rogers then the Box will be released and you will be able to sell or give away the box with no issues. The person you sell or give it away to will be able to register the box under his sub as long as you make sure that you do release the box when you call rogers. I have 1 box I bought off someone else and had no issue registering it. I am moving soon and about to cancel Rogers Cable. One of the original Standard units and a HD PVR. So, I’d like to sell/give away my units… But am pretty sure they are tied to my account in someone way, and if given to someone else it might not be a easy thing for them to set them up.

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When you notice this, you can write the sender a little note or send along one of your change of address cards you received in your change of address package from Canada Post. You must contact all of the Insurance Companies that you have a policy with to notify them of your address change. In some cases you may need to fill out a form to verify the information but in most cases a phone call will do. Below is a checklist of the various Insurance Companies you may need to call. I just think our customer service and apreciation has gone down the drain. They offer the most awful services possible, not only is what they are offering bad, the people working for them is even worst! They hung up on me, i had to call 5 times in one morning and still had NOTHING done! They are a bunch of clueless people that don’t give a damn about their jobs.

  • Each time having to give all my information again and then being put on hold for at least 10 minutes.
  • Please check to see if there is a current phone line connected to the property, as the landlord is not obliged to provide one, or pay to have one installed.
  • So I called and said fine the cell phone is shut off and I will call another provider and have the number ported.
  • Message Relay Service is available to customers on the QINIQ/SSi Mobile network who are hearing or speech impaired, allowing them to conveniently communicate with others through a relay operator.