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  • 04/28/2018 3:07 PM | Anonymous

    Social media chair Michael McMunn was provided the first official radio interview for the ATL Cast.

    V-103's Greg Street spoke with Michael for several members at Thursday evenings Draft Block Party hosted by The Atlanta Falcons at Mercedes Benz Stadium.

    Michael spoke about the origins of The Cast and our mission. He touched on the ways we're giving back the community and that we are actively seeking members who want to display their love for our team and for our city.

    Special thanks to Michael and  to Carlton Grant for getting the information and interview together. We'd also like thank to the entire Cast team at the Benz Thursday for helping  represent our club so well. 

  • 04/28/2018 2:51 PM | Anonymous

    The month of April was an exciting one for the ATL Cast.

    It saw tremendous growth in membership and momentum, new members stepping into roles in the 'working cast,' a meeting with Falcons executives, and ,of course, a trip to Dallas for the NFL Draft.

    President Bill Ingram met with Steve Cannon, Rich McKay, and several other Falcons employees to discuss the state of The ATL Cast and how we could further grow our partnership with the Falcons as the 'Official Supporters Group.'

    The conversations went very well and our vision for the club excited the team when Bill presented them with the business plan moving forward.

    We outlined several requests we had for the Falcons and they were very well received. They will be discussed in future meetings moving forward as discussions with Atlanta continue.

    The club also provided the team with ATL Cast scarves which they loved.

    There are exciting things on the horizon for the club and it will undoubtedly outgrow our wildest expectations within its first year.

    Be sure to attend the swag party and future Cast meetings to hear about the exciting things coming our way!

  • 04/28/2018 2:35 PM | Anonymous
    • Loudest and most decorated fan group at the draft - CHECK
    • Multiple national TV appearances and interviews - CHECK
    • Congratulated and thanked by the Falcons brass - CHECK
    The Falcons asked.... The ATL Cast delivered.

    The team arrived at a pre-game rally outside of AT&T Stadium on the first night and created an energy impossible for other teams to match.

    Marching down the stairs to designated Atlanta section, the Cast drew the awe and ire of 31 other fanbases who realized that their preparations wouldn't measure up. Lead by Major Disruption ( President Bill Ingram ) , the Cast turned heads and drew cameras from all areas of Jerryworld.

    Armed with drums and megaphones, the team showed out throughout the draft and multiple members won 'Fan of the night' awards. We received complements from our seat reps, the Falcons leadership team ( including a tweet from Rich McKay, and even NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell , who told us he was looking forward to seeing us in Atlanta later this fall.

    David Paige-Bey was also featured in a Madden promotion that was created using draft footage. It can be seen here.

    We are one day removed from this amazing experience and this is likely only the beginning of the exposure and PR the group will receive for our work this weekend.

    Thank you again to the NFL and the Atlanta Falcons for providing the ATL Cast with this opportunity. 
  • 04/17/2018 10:19 PM | Anonymous

    The ATL Cast has been tapped.

    Tasked with finding 50 of the rowdiest Atlanta fans available,  the Falcons knew exactly where to turn.

    This season's draft in Dallas will feature a new 'inner circle' of fans for each team. Teams appear to be slotted near their division rivals to increase the energy surrounding the event.

    The Atlanta Falcons reached out to our President, Bill Ingram, and asked us how we'd feel about representing the birds on the national stage. Of course, we obliged. 

    50 cast members will travel Thursday morning to Dallas to attend the first 2 rounds of the draft.... accompanied by the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders.

    Cast members not attending the draft are still encouraged to attend the draft party at Mercedes Benz Stadium for the first round.

    Here's to a brand new class of Falcons for us to enjoy next season!

  • 04/17/2018 9:30 PM | Anonymous

    ATL CAST members the details are finalized.   Go to the events tab and RSVP!


  • 03/27/2018 10:05 AM | Bill Ingram (Administrator)

    The Swag is ordered, we just need your preferences!  

    To let us know your swag preferences, go to your ATL CAST membership account and select: 

    ATL CAST Scarf,  ATL CAST T-Shirt or ATL CAST Baseball Cap.  Also let us know your T-Shirt size

    Our Platinum members receive all three, but we still would like to know what you prefer in swag.


    The Marketing Committee wants everyone to know that the swag is being ordered, and I must say, they items are very cool and high quality.   

    Our scarfs are coming from the same company that does the scarfs for Major League Soccer and ATL UTD FC.     Our caps are coming from the same company the Falcons use, and are nicely embroidered, and only quality materials for the tees!

    Our Events and Membership committees are working on a date for our SWAG Party.   We'll all get together and meet for drinks, nosh and cool swag!   Watch for the date soon.


  • 03/27/2018 7:33 AM | Deborah Harmond (Administrator)

    Rise Up!!!!! Members please update your profile.  We added a new questions and we'd love your picture for your membership card.   Also if you have seats in the Benz let us know the section (we're strategizing). Some information you will be able to see, however, some will not be made public.

  • 03/25/2018 10:20 AM | Bill Ingram (Administrator)

    Its a great day to be an ATL CAST member!  

    Since Friday afternoon, after the Falcons email endorsing The ATL CAST went out,   we have 42 new CAST members!  

    First, Welcome to our new members. We are so thrilled to have your voice added to ours in making the Benz LOUD and INTIMIDATING for other NFL teams!

    I want to thank all our Club members who put in all the hard  work to get us to this point as the Official Supporters Club of the Atlanta Falcons.  The Falcons have taken notice, believe me, the Tickets to the Draft was a nice nod.    

    Speaking of the draft,  Tyler Hargrove of the Falcons met up with me at the Coca-Cola Spectacular.  He is coordinating the NFL Draft with us.  He has given us 50 rally scarfs for the event, and mentioned how truly excited the organization is about the CAST representing on the Draft Floor!

    I have a plan to really catch the eyes of the Falcons Management and TV.  I will be checking out getting Big Head signs of Coach Quinn,  Arthur Blank,  and Thomas Dimitroff.     

    In addition, we will have our Bass Drum and megaphones.  The idea is that we march into the floor area as a group chanting and making some noise.  Tyler believes the NFL will clear this.  They want a rowdy and loud crowd, and we will deliver!

    RISE UP!


  • 03/10/2018 10:06 AM | Bill Ingram (Administrator)

    The ATL CAST have sold out of their 50 ticket allotment for the NFL Draft.  Travel arrangements are now being made.

    We received an email from the Atlanta Falcons partnership group, and they are quite excited that we will be there.  This is also the group that arranged the block of rooms   

    Jen John is checking to see if we can have our bass drum and megaphones at the Draft.   She offered, we didn't ask!  The feeling  is  that the Falcons want the ATL to stand out in Fan support amoung'st the other NFL team's fans.   Done!

    This is also the CASTs  most excellent chance to be seen and heard by the Falcons ownership, management and coaching staff.   Coach Quinn will take notice, to say the least!   WE ARE THE MOST FAN-ATICAL FANS IN THE WORLD!

    Travel Accommodations

    The Atlanta Falcons have arranged a block of 25 rooms at the Omni Hotel Mandalay.  The rooms are $169 a night, (posted price is $279). Our club has put down the necessary deposit.  

    All those needing rooms, please let  Bill (Bill@atlcast,com)  or Ryan (ryan@atlcast.com)  know your room preference.

    We are exploring using Champion Coach Charters for bus transportation.  This is the company the Falcons use, and its traveling in style with TVs, DVD and CD player, Wifi,  power outlets and reclining seats with footrests. 

    If you're interested in traveling with the CAST, let Bill or Ryan know.


  • 03/01/2018 10:39 AM | Deborah Harmond (Administrator)

    The Atlanta Falcons have offered the ATL CAST up to 50 tickets to the NFL Draft in Dallas April 26th-27th.  You must be a member and RSVP by 3pm Monday 3/5/2018. For more information contact bill@atlcast.com.

An Officially Recognized Supporters Club Of The Atlanta Falcons

The ATL CAST is a nonprofit charitable organization under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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