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  • 07/31/2018 11:35 AM | Anonymous
    Our very own Bill Ingram, president of the ATL Cast, was hosted live on 92.9 The Game on Saturday. Check out his thoughts on The Cast, Julio, and this season at the link below!

    See The Interview

  • 07/31/2018 10:53 AM | Anonymous

    So Much Love For the Cast Today!

    Coach Quinn has repeatedly stressed the importance of crowd noise and participation in camp and the ATL Cast has been present and accounted for each day. Noise prompts and signs are just some of the ways that the Cast is helping to get Flowery Branch worked up!

    The ATL Cast crew at Camp on Monday also noticed Coach donning a very special piece of headwear at practice and in his presser.

    The Falcons Twitter account noticed as well and called us out!

    Another example of how important this group is to the Atlanta Falcons. Get on board today!

    Join Here!

    Check Out The Press Conference Here!

    Check Out The Tweet Here!

  • 07/27/2018 1:04 PM | Anonymous

    It all begins today.

    The sun peaks out over the dew stained grass on another morning at the Falcons beautiful training facility at Flowery Branch. But it's not just another morning. 

    From private perch provided by the Falcons, the ATL Cast is out and about  at the 2018 edition of AT&T training camp. 

    The tent, the special seating, and the laundry list of other things the team has provided us with are fantastic, but we're not here to soak it in. 

    We have a job to do.

    Coach Quinn has asked us to help bring the noise. Simulations of crowd noise and a rowdy environment are a huge part of coach's plan for this camp and we're here to help. Simulating away crowds, particularly on 3rd down scenarios. We will not disappoint.

    The Cast will have a presence everyday of camp and continues to need your help as we need volunteers to help stir up the crowd and bring disruption to help prepare our team.

    Arthur Blank and the first lady have already stopped by the booth to give us the thumbs up and we will deliver for the team.

    Let us know today if you want to be a part!


  • 07/25/2018 2:59 PM | Deborah Harmond (Administrator)

  • 07/16/2018 12:22 PM | Bill Ingram (Administrator)

    ATL CAST Exclusive Tailgate Spot - Right in Front of the Benz!  

    More Info Below 

    Coming soon - Don't miss the  info on  our OUTRAGEOUS ATL CAST Tailgate Trailer and  Tailgate Activities!

    Its finally official!  The ATL CAST's most AWESOME and exclusive tailgate will be right across the street from the Benz  at the newly christened American Family Insurance Fan Village (formally known as Falcons Landing)

    The CAST will have an area  roped off for EXCLUSIVE access only for members.  This prime location will have lots of pregame GET ROWDY fun and activities (info coming soon)!      

    Next to our tailgate will be a live stage with bands and special guests, including  us, The ATL CAST!   We will be part of the fun with the goal to hype up the crowd and  get folks ready to BATTLE IN THE BENZ!  (more tailgate perks to be shared soon)

    And wait, there's more,  we will be part of the new tradition of the "March to the Benz,  led buy  us and the drum corp, chanting and dancing while spreading our energy to all our fellow Falcons fans, culminating inside the Benz by the Overlook.   The Falcons have some cool plans and new traditions  being revealed  for this area- I know whats coming, but I promised not to tell,  just be assured, there hasn't been anything like it in the history of the  Falcons!  (More to come).  

    Check back for updates soon,  as we are finalizing our arrangements and membership perks to make The ATL CAST the  Premiere Supporters Group in the NFL!


  • 06/08/2018 10:17 AM | Deborah Harmond (Administrator)

    There is a member app for ATL CAST members who use an IOS device.  The App is sponsored by our base membership software and bears it's name.  Go to your app store and search for Wild Apricot for Members.  Once downloaded you will sign in using your log in information from the website.  

  • 06/07/2018 8:40 PM | Deborah Harmond (Administrator)

    Volunteer opportunities

       Information Technology Committee  

    Chair and VP - Justin Isasi justinisasi@atlcast.com


    • Computer skills that translate into web building/web design.  The website is  built on a plug-in type platform.  (critical need)
    • Person(s) with SEO or digital marketing experience
    • Person(s) with photoshop or digital content creation experience
    • Sufficient time to meet change requests within a 24-hour period.
    • ·Information technology skills and willing to learn web design

    • Social Media Committee

    • Chair  - Michael McMunn    michael@atlcast.com  

    • Needs

    • Proficient in various social media outlets (FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
    • Proficient in advertising in various social media outlets.
    • Skilled with coordinating social media campaigns 

    Sponsorship Committee

    Chair - Steve Lawver  steve@atlcast.com

    • Skilled in negotiating corporate, community and individual sponsors to provide financial and in-kind support for The CAST.
    • Skilled in grant writing and researching for available grants.

    Marketing Committee

    Chair -  Joselyn Wade  Joselyn@atlcast.com

    • Skills in brand recognition and messaging.
    • Time and ability to review and approve marketing content to ensure all materials being developed convey the appropriate message.
    • Good at proof reading and can review draft content for errors, make corrections, and add suggestions as needed.
    • Ability to develop and present marketing strategies and long-term marketing  plans based on the clubs needs
      Events Committee (Includes away game travel)

        Chair - Ryan Soard  ryan@atlcast.com


    •  Events planning experience
    • Coordinator of away game viewing parties
    • Coordinator of game day viewing parties for non ticket holders
    • Travel Agent experience                         

      Tailgating Committee

     Chair - Debbie Turman  dmt12@bellsouth.net

    • Party planning  and coordinating  events experience
    • Large tailgate parties  experience
    • BBQ and cooking talents
    • Early arrival preparation team
    • Non ticket holders to man the tailgate during the game and watch on TV
    • Late departure team 

    In Benz Activities  Committee
    Chair - David Paige-Bey   david@atlcast.com  

    • Cheerleading and Choreographing experience 
    • Creative design experience for game day signs
    • Cheer and Chant creations to yell at game day

    Fundaising Committee
    Chair - Jennifer Ingram  jennifer@atlcast.com 

    • Experience in running fundraising events (raffles, online auctions, public events, etc.)
    • Strong communication and outreach skills to engage and motivate members to raise funds for our charities
    • Person(s) with connections in the Atlanta nonprofit community

     Membership Committee

     Chair - Deborah Harmond   dharmond@atlcast.com


    • Membership database maintaince
    • Budget creation and management experience
    • Membership acitivities planning
    • Team players
     Finance Committee

     Chair - Scott Blue   scottwblue@yahoo.com

    • Audit/accounting experience/CPA  
    • Legal experience (lawyers/law clerks)       
    • Merchandising experience  (purchasing/on-line store)
     Other Needs
    Video/film making capability.  -  Martin Shellman martin.shellman@gmail.com
    Persons to help when needed - Deborah Harmond  dharmond@atlcast.com

    Any questions or additional responses can be sent to dharmond@atlcast.com
    Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!!!
  • 05/19/2018 10:54 AM | Deborah Harmond (Administrator)

    We’ve had numerous members whose picture when uploaded is sideways.  The Customer service rep provided the following explanation:  "This normally happens if the image was taken on an Apple IOS device (like iphone) in the "wrong" orientation. The proper way to take pictures on an iphone is with the home button on the right (volume buttons at the bottom), otherwise the picture can appear the wrong way when viewed on a windows device. 

    The only way to fix this (besides retaking the photo properly) is to open the image afterwards in a windows image editor (like Paint), re-save the image in the proper orientation and then re-upload it to your profile."

  • 05/06/2018 3:33 PM | Anonymous

    As quickly as The ATL Cast has grown, it remains evident that the club's original intent has not faded.

    The Falcons' Pete Soto gave a presentation to the board on Saturday and discussed potential Atl Cast involvement with new traditions and rituals for next season.

    While the specifics are not available to the public, the board was made privy to several new ideas and media that will be in play in 2018, along with the role the Falcons see The Atl Cast playing in these traditions.

    There will be tremendous opportunities for club to put it's stamp on the Benz next year and there will be lots of help needed in rallying our fan base through new traditions developed by the Falcons.

    When these opportunities arise, The Atl Cast selects volunteers from our most active members and from members who actively contribute. 

    Don't miss out... get plugged in today!

  • 05/06/2018 9:56 AM | Deborah Harmond (Administrator)

    Well, we did it!   The Meet and Greet was Great!  We partied to an awesome DJ, some watched the game (we love sports), we ate (Shout out to Stats and their amazing staff) and we raised money for TAPS.  Check us out on Twitter and Facebook for pictures.  New members were signed up (ALL die hard fans are welcome!!!!) and the selfie station and door prizes were a hit.  We met prior to the party with the Falcon's organization to hear about exciting new changes for the upcoming season and to provide our input.  This next season is going to be great!!!!!!  Surge Sursus! 

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