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Volunteer Opportunities Available

06/07/2018 8:40 PM | Deborah Harmond (Administrator)

Volunteer opportunities

   Information Technology Committee  

Chair and VP - Justin Isasi justinisasi@atlcast.com


  • Computer skills that translate into web building/web design.  The website is  built on a plug-in type platform.  (critical need)
  • Person(s) with SEO or digital marketing experience
  • Person(s) with photoshop or digital content creation experience
  • Sufficient time to meet change requests within a 24-hour period.
  • ยทInformation technology skills and willing to learn web design

  • Social Media Committee

  • Chair  - Michael McMunn    michael@atlcast.com  

  • Needs

  • Proficient in various social media outlets (FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  • Proficient in advertising in various social media outlets.
  • Skilled with coordinating social media campaigns 

Sponsorship Committee

Chair - Steve Lawver  steve@atlcast.com

  • Skilled in negotiating corporate, community and individual sponsors to provide financial and in-kind support for The CAST.
  • Skilled in grant writing and researching for available grants.

Marketing Committee

Chair -  Joselyn Wade  Joselyn@atlcast.com

  • Skills in brand recognition and messaging.
  • Time and ability to review and approve marketing content to ensure all materials being developed convey the appropriate message.
  • Good at proof reading and can review draft content for errors, make corrections, and add suggestions as needed.
  • Ability to develop and present marketing strategies and long-term marketing  plans based on the clubs needs
  Events Committee (Includes away game travel)

    Chair - Ryan Soard  ryan@atlcast.com


  •  Events planning experience
  • Coordinator of away game viewing parties
  • Coordinator of game day viewing parties for non ticket holders
  • Travel Agent experience                         

  Tailgating Committee

 Chair - Debbie Turman  dmt12@bellsouth.net

  • Party planning  and coordinating  events experience
  • Large tailgate parties  experience
  • BBQ and cooking talents
  • Early arrival preparation team
  • Non ticket holders to man the tailgate during the game and watch on TV
  • Late departure team 

In Benz Activities  Committee
Chair - David Paige-Bey   david@atlcast.com  

  • Cheerleading and Choreographing experience 
  • Creative design experience for game day signs
  • Cheer and Chant creations to yell at game day

Fundaising Committee
Chair - Jennifer Ingram  jennifer@atlcast.com 

  • Experience in running fundraising events (raffles, online auctions, public events, etc.)
  • Strong communication and outreach skills to engage and motivate members to raise funds for our charities
  • Person(s) with connections in the Atlanta nonprofit community

 Membership Committee

 Chair - Deborah Harmond   dharmond@atlcast.com


  • Membership database maintaince
  • Budget creation and management experience
  • Membership acitivities planning
  • Team players
 Finance Committee

 Chair - Scott Blue   scottwblue@yahoo.com

  • Audit/accounting experience/CPA  
  • Legal experience (lawyers/law clerks)       
  • Merchandising experience  (purchasing/on-line store)
 Other Needs
Video/film making capability.  -  Martin Shellman martin.shellman@gmail.com
Persons to help when needed - Deborah Harmond  dharmond@atlcast.com

Any questions or additional responses can be sent to dharmond@atlcast.com
Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!!!

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