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Pete Soto Talks Home Field Advantage

05/06/2018 3:33 PM | Anonymous

As quickly as The ATL Cast has grown, it remains evident that the club's original intent has not faded.

The Falcons' Pete Soto gave a presentation to the board on Saturday and discussed potential Atl Cast involvement with new traditions and rituals for next season.

While the specifics are not available to the public, the board was made privy to several new ideas and media that will be in play in 2018, along with the role the Falcons see The Atl Cast playing in these traditions.

There will be tremendous opportunities for club to put it's stamp on the Benz next year and there will be lots of help needed in rallying our fan base through new traditions developed by the Falcons.

When these opportunities arise, The Atl Cast selects volunteers from our most active members and from members who actively contribute. 

Don't miss out... get plugged in today!

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