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42 New Members in 36 hours - Dallas Draft

03/25/2018 10:20 AM | Anonymous

Its a great day to be an ATL CAST member!  

Since Friday afternoon, after the Falcons email endorsing The ATL CAST went out,   we have 42 new CAST members!  

First, Welcome to our new members. We are so thrilled to have your voice added to ours in making the Benz LOUD and INTIMIDATING for other NFL teams!

I want to thank all our Club members who put in all the hard  work to get us to this point as the Official Supporters Club of the Atlanta Falcons.  The Falcons have taken notice, believe me, the Tickets to the Draft was a nice nod.    

Speaking of the draft,  Tyler Hargrove of the Falcons met up with me at the Coca-Cola Spectacular.  He is coordinating the NFL Draft with us.  He has given us 50 rally scarfs for the event, and mentioned how truly excited the organization is about the CAST representing on the Draft Floor!

I have a plan to really catch the eyes of the Falcons Management and TV.  I will be checking out getting Big Head signs of Coach Quinn,  Arthur Blank,  and Thomas Dimitroff.     

In addition, we will have our Bass Drum and megaphones.  The idea is that we march into the floor area as a group chanting and making some noise.  Tyler believes the NFL will clear this.  They want a rowdy and loud crowd, and we will deliver!



An Officially Recognized Supporters Club Of The Atlanta Falcons

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