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@KorthFor ease negotiating the automated phone system and speeding up your possible wait time for an agent make sure you get the home phone number assigned to your account. This is one of the first things the automated system will ask….it does not ask for your account number only the agent will ask that if you do not previously key in or say your phone number. I’ve written mine down on a bill somewhere yet I have the much longer account number memorized. This sounds like a customer service rep pointing the finger.

Local health unitto ask about vaccination services in your area. Below you will find some useful links and contact information for city/town/county contact information, utility connections, and school division information. We would be happy to assist you in finding more information for any resources not listed. The Alberta government has been working to make high-speed internet access possible for all Alberta homes and businesses. “No one in the community of Spences Bridge will pay a TELUS bill during the months they were evacuated or unable to use their services,” she said.

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If anyone wanted to simply check their email, they would have to drive 18 kilometres out of town for service — but many evacuees didn’t have a car. If you have already contacted Telus and still have an unresolved issue, you can request that your issue be expedited through a link on their home page. You can access this link by scrolling to the bottom and selecting Support, Phone, “Already Contacted Us? ” option and click on the link that says “expedite your request here”. However, if you require the assistance of a live person, you can call one of their many numbers depending on the service you are inquiring about. If they’re not leaving you a message, it can’t be that important. I wouldn’t be too concerned, particularly since you’re planning on leaving any way. They can’t change your plan on you without giving you 30 days notice per the Wireless Code , so unless you get notice from them, you should be fine. They do kick you off your plan, you either pay the higher amount for a month or two till Freedom gets restocked or you switch to a cheaper provider for the interim. Insurance Resource Centre Questions about insurance for your new home? Since Telus had legitimately called before with that number on display, Call Control let it through.

1 888 811 2323

The recording says the company is giving the person a free vacation for being a good customer. If you stay on the line it connects you to a person who will try to convince you to give them personal information or send money as a down-payment on fees for the vacation. Telus says thousands of customers are receiving automated calls that claim to be from the company. No real empolyee of any company would give out their employee number over the phone. Unfortunately with caller ID spoofing the calling number doesn’t mean anything. Register with us today for emergency alerts and information in the Municipality of Jasper. Please note you will not receive notification of any mail waiting for you in General Deliveries. Privately owned and operated affordable housing cooperatives exist in Jasper. These homes provide not-for-profit purchase opportunities for eligible residents. Mountain Park Lodges is an affordable housing area for residents. To apply for a suite you must meet eligibility & Core Needs Income Threshold requirements. If Monday should fall on a holiday, pick up will be the following business day.