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Licenses referred to in this by-law issued to an adult entertainment owner, operator and entertainer are not transferable. And whereas the council of the city of Clarence-Rockland held a public meeting in the accordance with section 157 of the municipal act with respect to this by-law on March 8th, 2006. L) If the investigation referred to in section 6 of this by-law discloses any reasonable grounds that the carrying on of the adult entertainment establishmentmay result in the breach of the law or any other by-laws of the City, the Municipal Law Enforcement Director may refuse to issue or renew the license. A) pays the applicable license fees set out in schedule A that forms part of this by-law. F) The Municipal Law Enforcement Director shall make such investigation or inquiry with respect to any application for a license under this by-law, as he considers necessary, and may obtain such information relevant to such application as he considers necessary or required by law or policies of the City. “Operator” refers to any person who alone or with others, operates, manages, supervises, runs or controls an adult entertainment store.

I) Replacement trees shall be planted and maintained to the satisfaction of the director. A) The tree is located in the rear yard, side yard or external side yard of a built property. “Clear-cutting” means the harvesting of all merchantable trees from area of forested land representing the lesser of 4,047 square meters or 20% of the total area of the lot, within a 3 years period. This by-law applies to all highways under the jurisdiction of the corporation. The receipt is placed on the dashboard of the vehicle, face up, and easy to read from outside the vehicle and left there for the duration of the time paid for. A document offered as evidence under subsection shall be admitted without notice under the Evidence Act.

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No works shall occur until such time as the Director has approved of the Traffic Control Plan. In the event that an entrance or front yard ditch filling has not been constructed or installed in accordance with the permit, it shall be removed by the applicant upon written direction issued by the City. Failure to do so will result in the removal by the City at the expense of the applicant, all subject to the enforcement provisions of this By-Law. All costs incurred by the City shall be paid by the applicant and may be drawn from the security deposit deposited at the time of the permit issuance. 11.4 The Treasurer shall maintain a record of all lands and cash-in-lieu received including all expenditures from the cash-in-lieu of parkland reserve fund and shall present this information to Council in the form of an annual financial statement which shall be made available to the public. In the case of Development where land has not been conveyed or has not been required pursuant to sections 51. 1 or 53 of thePlanning Act,the City shall require the conveyance of land as a condition of Development prior to building permit issuance, in accordance with section 41 of thePlanning Act.

  • Existing property owners are encouraged to convert their signage to these standards.
  • No person shall drive a motorized vehicle in a park, except in areas and during hours designated by the director for that purpose.
  • 8.2 Any person who hinders or obstructs a person lawfully carrying out the enforcement of this by-law is guilty of an offence.
  • Operate or permit his/her taxicab to be operated, unless the taxicab meter is an approved type, and has been tested and approved by the licensing director.

The schedule referred to in this by-law shall form part of this by-law and be read in conjunction with the entry across there from, and not otherwise. No person who vends shall place or locate himself or herself or anything on a street or sidewalk so as to be within nine meters from the nearest street intersection. Any holder of a License “A” may remain up to thirty minutes at a location on a street. As provided for under the provisions of the Zoning By-law of the City of Clarence- Rockland. Every person who vends shall ensure that the garbage or litter resulting from his or her vending activity is collected and removed from the vending area.