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It is possible to place bets on horseracing and purchase lottery tickets online, but there are no online casino games available. May 2011 – SB744 passes, authorizing a Chicago casino and additional casinos – in Rockford, Danville, Park City, Chicago South Suburbs as well as slot machines at O’Hare and Midway Airports. In addition, horse racing tracks at Collinsville, Arlington Heights, Cicero, Crete, East Moline, Melrose Park and at the Illinois State Fairgrounds would be transformed into land-based casinos with the introduction of slot machines at each track. May 21, 1999 – Gov. George Ryan signs Riverboat Gambling Act that no longer required boats to cruise the river. Almost immediately, all riverboats ceased cruising and became de facto land-based, dockside casinos.

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  • If at any point after June 1, 2020 there are no pending applications for a license under subsection (e-5) and not all licenses authorized under subsection (e-5) have been issued, then the Board shall reopen the license application process for those licenses authorized under subsection (e-5) that have not been issued.
  • It is possible to place bets on horseracing and purchase lottery tickets online, but there are no online casino games available.

When considering whether to re-issue or renew a license to an owners licensee, organization gaming licensee, or suppliers licensee, the Board shall take into account the licensee’s success in complying with the provisions of this Section. The owners licensee shall have the right to request a waiver from the requirements of this Section. The Board shall grant the waiver where the owners licensee demonstrates that there has been made a good faith effort to comply with the goals for participation by minority-owned businesses, women-owned businesses, businesses owned by persons with disabilities, and veteran-owned businesses. A qualified person may apply to the Board for a managers license to operate and manage any gambling operation conducted by the State. Its jurisdiction shall extend under this Act to every person, association, corporation, partnership and trust involved in riverboat and casino gambling operations and gaming pursuant to an organization gaming license issued under this Act in the State of Illinois.

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Casinos are only allowed on the water and generally are on riverboats. Legally each casino must close for at least two hours in a 24 hour time period.

Created if the license is granted and the projected number of new employees at the proposed facility where gambling is to be conducted by the applicant. “Riverboat” means a self-propelled excursion boat, a permanently moored barge, or permanently moored barges that are permanently fixed together to operate as one vessel, on which lawful gambling is authorized and licensed as provided in this Act.

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Additionally, within 90 days after the end of each quarter of each fiscal year, the licensed owner, manager, or organization gaming licensee shall transmit to the Board a compliance report on engagement procedures determined by the Board. All audits and compliance engagements shall be conducted by certified public accountants selected by the Board.

The suspension may remain in effect until the Board determines that the cause for suspension has been abated. The Board may revoke an owners license or organization gaming license upon a determination that the licensee has not made satisfactory progress toward abating the hazard. Any training provided for occupational licensees may be conducted either at the site of the gambling facility or at a school with which a licensed owner or organization gaming licensee has entered into an agreement pursuant to subsection . Any gambling equipment, devices and supplies provided by any licensed supplier may either be repaired on the riverboat, in the casino, or at the organization gaming facility or removed from the riverboat, casino, or organization gaming facility to a facility owned by the holder of an owners license, organization gaming license, or suppliers license for repair. The maximum number of owners licenses authorized under Section 7 shall be reduced by one for each instance in which the Board authorizes the State to conduct a casino or riverboat gambling operation under subsection in lieu of re-issuing a license to an applicant under Section 7.1. The gambling expansion bill opens the door to everything from sports betting to so-called racinos at horse racing tracks.

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You can play some pretty entertaining online slots in Illinois, and it’s completely legal. The good news, though, is that with nearby states with online casinos and poker up and running , Illinois lawmakers will be able to observe the positive effect on the state’s bottom line and, naturally, want the same for themselves. We’ve talked a lot about the history and evolution of legislation guiding riverboat casinos. So it’s fitting we talk about some casino vessels that are operational today. A compromise was reached and state laws allowed casinos to be built inland though it must be within 800 feet of water.

Evaluate the winning bid within a reasonable period of time for licensee suitability in accordance with all applicable statutory and regulatory criteria. Issued under this Act, or a license to own or operate gambling facilities in any other jurisdiction, has been revoked. Has prepared a summary of its casino proposal and such summary has been posted on a public website of the municipality or the county. Executed project labor agreement with the applicable local building trades council.