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I feature my favorite buildings while also combining the contrast of old Macau and modern casinos and hotels. I was trying to find an image in my mind based on my principles and eventually, I painted according to my experience. There are a lot of elements like the plazas, old houses and views from a certain distance that will hopefully enthrall spectators. An eastern Mediterranean based logistics and freight forwarding company specializing in the transportation of steel and ores is available for acquisition. Located in Turkey with shipping operations in Asia, Arabian Gulf, Middle East and South America. The Company’s core business is containerized shipment of bulk products and it has been in business for about three years. Annual sales $7 M US, estimated profits $500K.

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The JASF is the first national armed force to launch a starship designated as a “dreadnought”, the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt (although the Teddy Roosevelt is technically more of a fighter-carrier/troop transport with big guns added on than an actual “dreadnought”). As of early 2155, there are 2.7 million enlisted personnel across all 6 branches of the US armed forces.

Earth 2154: Nations Of The 22nd Century

”Land” Available for sale and immediate aquisition is acres of land in High End Medford, New Jersey a very upscale southern NJ town for 10.5M. Zoned for commercial with sewage variances already in place. Please contact upon further interests. ”Urea Available” Dear All, 500,000 MTs of Urea available – source Ukraine. Any contacts/buyers please get in touch. Dear colleagues My client is seeking 5 bare boat Tankers for renting without the option of buying them, built between 2001 and 2008. If you know any opportunity about this, please contact me in first instance.

The Italian Consulate is very generous with me. In this case, the consulate consulted with me and I thought it’s a great opportunity.

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I created a few new pieces for Art Macao and exhibited a few I’ve made already. I have a lot of paintings that were inspired by travels in Asia; some of the paintings are about Shanghai, India, Singapore and discovering destinations. I added a little bit of Hong Kong and a tribute to Macau, of course. I’m an architect and I studied in Milan. I also expanded my studies in Paris at the École des Beaux-Arts, La Seine, and also at the Clerkenwell College of Printing in London where I worked. I came to Hong Kong in 2006 and worked in an architectural firm for a few years. I’ve always painted since childhood and then on the side here, I’ve started doing residencies with schools.

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  • China is one of those countries that’s a real beast at international sporting events like the Olympics.
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