Is VLC Streamer Free?

What is the use of VLC Streamer?

Developed by Hobbyist Software Ltd., VLC Streamer is the software that uses VLC to convert movies to a suitable format for iOS and Android devices. You can download Windows, Android, or iOS as you need.

Can VLC play streaming video?

The VLC streaming player from the VideoLAN Organization is an open-source audio and video player. The player will play video or audio files stored locally on your hard drive, and will also play streaming audio and video from a local network or the internet.

Can I stream VLC to my TV?

The VLC media player is a free and easy-to-use media player and allows you to stream your videos from your device to TV. Using a VLC stream to TV is available on a local network.

How do I add streaming to VLC?

Open up VLC on the device you’ll be streaming from. Click on Media>Stream (or just press Ctrl+S). The open/stream media dialogue will open up. Next click on the Add button, and select a video file you’d like to stream.

Is VLC private?

VLC software does not use any user account, and does not collect any user data, when working. VideoLAN does not collect any data, nor any telemetry, when VLC is being run.

How do I use VLC without installing?

Just download a compressed 7zip or zip version of VLC from the official download page for Windows, extract it in a folder and run the program directly. It requires no installation. If you prefer to download from a trusted third party website, then visit the VLC page of

How do I download a VLC stream?

0:462:56Download streaming video with VLC – YouTubeYouTube

How do I send a video using VLC media player?

Transfer files from VLC to Android. Choose the Local Network option from the navigation menu. After both PC and mobile devices are connected to the same network, you will find your PC’s name appears under the Share folders field. Please open it and check your videos or audios from the VLC.

How do I stream VLC to my Smart TV?

How to cast VLC to Chromecast (Mac or PC)

  1. Open the VLC media player app, and click “Playback” from the main options menu at the top. …
  2. A pop-up should appear beside the “Renderer” option – select your Chromecast device. …
  3. Open a file to play in VLC. …
  4. Start playing the media in VLC you want to cast to Chromecast.

What is the official site for VLC media player?

Does VLC steal data?

VLC software does not use any user account, and does not collect any user data, when working. VideoLAN does not collect any data, nor any telemetry, when VLC is being run.

How do I watch friends on VLC?


  1. Download Syncplay (Free) and your choice of media player. …
  2. After the installation, open Syncplay and choose any server address from the drop-down menu. …
  3. After that, both Syncplay and VLC will open up automatically. …
  4. Here, choose the video file and open it.

What does VLC stand for?

VLC media player (previously the VideoLAN Client and commonly known as simply VLC) is a free and open-source, portable, cross-platform media player software and streaming media server developed by the VideoLAN project.

How do I download a video using VLC?

How to Download Videos with VLC?

  1. Copy and paste the video URL. Open the web page of the video you want to download and copy the URL address of the video. …
  2. Specify the output name and destination. …
  3. Choose an output format. …
  4. Start streaming & downloading.

Dec 16, 2021

How can I download streaming video from any website for free?

The 5 Best Tools to Download Streaming Video From Any Website

  1. Video DownloadHelper.
  2. 4K Video Downloader.
  3. Freemake Video Downloader.
  4. JDownloader.
  5. youtube-dl.

How do I record a stream with VLC?

To Record with VLC Windows

  1. Open VLC Player.
  2. Set the recording location.
  3. Activate the Record Tool: Select the View menu and select Advanced Controls. This will place the record tools on your VLC player window.
  4. Access your Network Stream.
  5. Record.

May 1, 2020

How do I convert VLC to MP4?

How to convert to MP4 using VLC on PC

  1. Open VLC on your PC. …
  2. Click “Add…” to find and add the file you want to modify, then click “Convert / Save.” …
  3. Next to “Profile,” click the dropdown menu and select the MP4 option, which will be in parentheses.

How can I send VLC video on Whatsapp?

Way to big to send it to another mobile device.

  1. Open VLC and select Media – Convert / Save…
  2. Add the movie you want to compress. [ …
  3. When you see the convert dialog, you can select a lot of profiles. …
  4. You can edit or create your own profile with all kind of parameters.

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