Is LogMeIn a virus?

Is it safe to use LogMeIn?

All LogMeIn products employ active defense security protocols that provide you with the highest available security in a remote access solution. LogMeIn is ready and able to be part of your secure remote access solution.

Who is LogMeIn support?

Who should I contact for support or service? LogMeIn customers in the US should continue to contact the Customer Care team toll-free at 1-866-478-1805. … GetGo customers in the US should continue to contact the Customer Care team toll-free at (866) 962-6496.

Can a EXE have a virus?

An .exe file can be a virus, but that is certainly not true for all of them. In fact, the majority are safe to use or even necessary for your Windows system to run. It all depends on what is in an .exe file. Basically .exe files are programs that have been translated into machine code (compiled).

Does Microsoft use LogMeIn rescue?

Yes, indeed Microsoft agents use Logmein to take control of the computer. You need not to worry.

Can LogMeIn be hacked?

LogMeIn: Poor Or Reused Passwords Responsible For 80 Percent Of Breaches. ‘Right now with COVID, most companies are sharing their passwords just in an email, and that is not secure. That can be hacked very easily,’ says Jason Lucero, MSP channel manager for LastPass by LogMeIn.

How do I get rid of LogMeIn?

How to manually uninstall Pro

  1. Open Command Prompt (If in Windows Vista or newer, make sure you run Command Prompt as an Administrator)
  2. Type cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\LogMEIn\x86” (x64 if using a 64-bit OS) and hit Enter.
  3. Type logmein uninstall and hit Enter.
  4. Once the uninstall is complete, reboot the computer.

How do I cancel LogMeIn?

Sign in to the Billing Center at

  1. On the Subscriptions page, click the Options icon in the upper-right corner of your product subscription, then click Cancel Subscription.
  2. When prompted, review the information on the confirmation window and click Yes, Cancel.

How do you delete LogMeIn rescue?

Go to Tools. Choose Add-ons. Select the Extensions tab. Uninstall the LogMeIn Rescue Technician Console.

What is exe Creepypasta?

Edit. EXE Games are a type of Horror Game often inspired by the famous gaming creepypasta Sonic. EXE. The usually involve the player walking to the right and seeing disturbing imagery, as they are stalked and usually killed by a corruption of a famous gaming character.

Are zip files safe?

Zip files by themselves are not harmful or dangerous. However, they have been used by malicious individuals to hide the fact that they are sending harmful files.

Is it safe to allow remote access?

Remote access solutions could leave you vulnerable. If you don’t have proper security solutions in place, remote connections could act as a gateway for cybercriminals to access your devices and data. Hackers could use remote desktop protocol (RDP) to remotely access Windows computers in particular.

Does Apple use LogMeIn rescue?

Apple does not do any of that. LogMein is a third-party software, and Apple does not support third-party software.

Is rescue by LogMeIn legit?

Rescue is a remote support software solution used by tens of thousands of legitimate businesses, including 50 of the world’s top telecom companies. … Use of this software or any of our products for nefarious or illegal purposes violates our terms and is immediate grounds for account termination.

Why does LogMeIn rescue keep popping up?

If a technician ends a LogMeIn Rescue session while disconnected from their client (either during the process of a reboot or because of connectivity problems), it is possible that the applet may not remove itself properly. This will cause the LogMeIn Rescue applet to launch upon every Windows startup.

What is LogMeIn? LogMeIn, Inc. is a provider of software as a service (SaaS) and cloud-based remote work tools for collaboration, IT management and customer engagement, founded in 2003 and based in Boston, Massachusetts. The company’s products give users and administrators access to remote computers.

Can you pay LogMeIn monthly?

The LogMeIn Rescue service starts at $108.25 per month, billed annually, with a $37.50 per month mobile support option available as an add-on. Potential customers can also request a custom quote for team-wide pricing.

How do I disable LogMeIn?

Try using these configuration steps in Windows:

  1. Click Start > Run (Vista/7 users can use the Start search box) and type MSCONFIG and press Enter.
  2. Under the Startup tab, make sure that the LogMeIn box is un-checked. …
  3. Click Start > Run > type Services. …
  4. Find and double click LogMeIn.
  5. Ensure it is not set to Automatic.

What is LogMeIn rescue EXE?

LogMeIn Rescue is a tool that technicians use to access remote computers and mobile devices. … Important: The applet is a small program that must be running on your computer for the technician to be able to help you. The applet is automatically removed from your PC at session end.

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