How do I open NLS files?

What is NLS file?

NLS is a font file format used by Microsoft Windows. NLS files contain information for National Language Support, which allows for the transition and conversion between different character sets. NLS files are most commonly found in the Windows\system32 directory.

What is nls folder?

The NLS database is in the nls subdirectory of the server engine directory. … The nls directory contains the subdirectories charset, locales, and maps. Each subdirectory of the NLS directory contains further subdirectories, such as the listing and install subdirectories.

How do I check my NLSLang?

You can view the NLS_LANG setting by entering the SELECT command: SELECT * FROM NLS_SESSION_PARAMETERS; The NLS_TERRITORY and NLS_LANGUAGE values correspond to the language and territory components of the NLS_LANG variable.

What is NLS parameter?

NLS parameters determine the locale-specific behavior on both the client and the server. There are four ways to specify NLS parameters: As initialization parameters on the server. You can include parameters in the initialization parameter file to specify a default session NLS environment.

Can not access NLS data files?

Cause: There are two possible causes: – An attempt was made to issue an ALTER SESSION statement with an invalid NLS parameter or value. … Action: Check the syntax of the ALTER SESSION command and the NLS parameter, correct the syntax and retry the statement, or specify correct values in the NLS_LANG environment variable.

How do you fix Ora 12705 Cannot access NLS data files or invalid environment specified?

For ORA-12705 errors caused by invalid NLS_LANG settings, you need to verify that it is “unset” at the system-level: Windows – The NLS_LANG must be unset in the Windows registry (re-named is best). Look for the NLS_LANG subkey in the registry at \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORACLE, and rename it.

How check NLSLang in Windows?

For Windows:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel > System and click the Advanced tab. Click Environment Variables.
  2. In System variables section, click New.
  3. In the Variable Name field, enter NLS_LANG .
  4. In the Variable Value field, enter the NLS_LANG value that was returned in Step 1.

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