Exclusive 100 Level Seating for ATL CAST Superfans Relocation Opportunity!!

  • 03/16/2019
  • Meercedes Benz Stadium


Registration is closed



Would you be  interested in sitting in the ATL CAST Superfan 100 Level Seats if created (with no additional PSL cost)?

Fan-atical CAST  members may have the opportunity to move to 4 special  SuperFan sections on the 100 level in the Benz where we can be rowdy and loud for our team.   To be eligible, you must meet the criteria below.

If interested, please register.  We will be reviewing the list with the Falcons 


Be in their seats 30 minutes prior to kick off to engage fans throughout pre-kickoff activities

  • Is extroverted, avid, fanatical, fan who cheers on major plays and enjoys encourages, recognizing and appreciating all those around them to Rise Up and join in as well
  • Participates in game day rituals throughout all quarters of the game from their seat
  • Stays quiet on Offense, unless there is a first down, touchdown, or other big play
  • Chants such as Atlanta<>Falcons, or A T L, A T L, etc
  • On first downs answers the call -That’s Another Falcons, First Down, Move those Chains
  • Makes noise on defense, especially third downs
  • Engages with Crowd Surf Flag (or would), Swag Surfin, Fan Cams, whenever possible
  • At their seat to engage in the second half kickoff and encourages others to do the same
  • Works as a Fan Ambassador welcoming fans and making sure everyone around them feels like they are a part of the Falcons family
  • Encourages Falcon Fans to do their part, understand their responsibility to engage, energize, support their team; would proudly wear Super Fan items of distinction with pride
  • Would welcome opportunities on the field, in the stands, on camera, or otherwise to be further engaged in support of awakening, engaging, and motivating all Falcon Fans on game day
  • Survey/application process along with specific Super Fan focused selection related criteria: extroverted, avid, loyal, highly visible, respectful, fun loving and engaged Falcons fans. Additionally, all bound to a signed Falcons Super Fan Code of Conduct 
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