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This thread is our cave, where we meet to share experiences. Members come and go, but maintain a connection to the Tribe. There is an US and a THEM, though we aren’t exclusionary. I just think this whole comic and thread are really, really cool.” “I posted on the first page of the thread and I’ve always been watching it. … “I think this pretty much confirms there’s stuff between the stuff that’s visible in each newpix. No way the hills make that much of a crease, IMO. I mean, possibly, but it’d be really weird.” “… It also dawns on me that I’ll probably never be able to read the entire thread, as, whenever a mod deleted a post from the thread, the current page topper of the next page becomes the current page bottomer of the current page, and as I leave it, that post is lost forever. …” Well, thank you for your title suggestion, …

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“… That tells us something important in a slightly meta way. If Randall had simply drawn a starry sky image and was rotating it for each frame, all the arcs would be concentric. That they’re not means it’s overwhelmingly likely that the sky is being rendered algorithmically. … “Just a random thought, if Randall drew the star super accurate, then I am thinking this may be some time in the future. “… I’m the Catholic Cathedral’s Chief Caretaker, for the sake of detecting firstposts. …” See here for a diagram that shows that the angle of the path the sun take through sunrise is pretty much constant throughout the year. I’m beginning to be frustrated by the fact that apparently everyone on the OTT believes that the angle of the Sun’s apparent travel against the horizon at sunset varies +-23 degrees by time of year. This Newpage has a decree encouraging people to try typing with their eyes closed.

Song List Special #2: Henry

The specs were good and it shows in the sound and the price point was great. I installed four of them in my daughter’s Ford Edge along with a compact Alpine KTA 450 amp and the sound is such an improvement over stock! It’s a completely new experience in that car. These speakers will really blossom when powered by an external amplifier, but they’re also sensitive enough to be a good match for a factory or aftermarket stereo. Plus, Infinity comes up with a safe way to get a little more power out of your system — these 3-ohm speakers combine with the speaker wire in your car so your car stereo sees actual 4-ohm impedance. The Reference Series polypropylene woofer with its durable hi-roll rubber surround ensures you’ll enjoy powerful sound every mile you drive. Its oversized cone moves more air than other speakers of similar size, adding plenty of punch to the speaker’s impressive performance. One thing’s for sure — our customers love Infinity’s Reference Series speakers. Year after year, car after car, options like these Reference Series REF-8632cfx 6″x8″ car speakers remain a popular choice for replacing factory speakers because of their competitive pricing and superb sound. I’ve driven all over — up, down, and coast to coast — and my best memories all have a soundtrack. Music is something I don’t leave home without, and after enduring my fair share of crummy systems, I know that quality gear makes a long drive a joy. On those golden days, when the windows just have to go down, I need power and speakers that can handle it.

CR-I may have to place this song higher next time. The vocals seem to have a sense of urgency. CR/soul-with jazz/horn – a San Francisco Bay area favorite – The story here is sad; it’s about saying goodbye to a relationship. This works as a national anthem for those who had to exit a relationship a little sooner than they had planned. That point is driven home by Bruce Conte’s Steve Cropper-like emotional and blues-based guitar fills. The horn chart here is also reminiscent of Al Green’s “Tired of Being Alone.” Later, band co-founder and saxophonist Stephen “Doc” Krupa stated that some of the lyrics had a double meaning for the departed group members. Whether this is an elegy for exiting bandmates or an unerring look at a relationship, “So Very Hard to Go” works to point of being a painful, emotional roller coaster of a listen.

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  • It all comes down to how we want to define a newpix/Timeframe etc and it seems standards are impossible to settle on here.”
  • People are looking at beany baby exchanges with dollar signs in their eyes again.
  • Singing since she was a toddler, music is one of Cyzon’s greatest passions.
  • CR- The song is generally assumed to be about Rundgren’s breakup with long-time companion Bebe Buell in 1977.
  • “…First, let’s try to determine the theoretically ideal frame numbers. …

Maybe this is supposed to be User Submission Day. We should fix that by releasing original xkcd-style comics ourselves on Thursday. I didn’t get too much further with this. If I were to do it now, I’d probably use the q in place of the meter, millinewpix in place of seconds, and a mass unit based on the length unit and the density of water in the Mediterranean sea. I had to reread that a couple of times before I realised you meant the Outside definition of ‘dip’. The secret to them is that we only need 6 frames a day and each frame only needs a small thing changed each time. That was added only 15 minutes after you posted the ONG saying that lucky wasn’t a cat that likes water. Thought I would add something that does…” “… As y’all have noticed, newpixbot has awoken as well! It’s been running irregularly so far, but now I have it posting 30 minutes after the newONG, to give otters a bit more of a chance in these slower Times. Let me know if y’all have a problem with this, and I’ll shut it down. …” Posts a different one in the following message.

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Also, the fact that names are rarely translated between one language and another makes it an easy first lesson. “By the way, I predict that we find out that the beanies are causing the sea to rise, and they thought it wasn’t going to be a problem because ‘NOBODY XXPIRES THERE’. Cue&Meg are heroes of their people, celebrated in verse and song for thousands of years. … Use your OS’s text-to-speech utility to read pages aloud to you repeatedly while you coma. Your subconscious mind will fully absorb the information making use of otherwise wasted molpy-down time. Which is page 2081 of the “unhatched fishes and turtle-excluding devices” thread, which now has 2120 pages. The OTT is definitely on track to surpass that before, say, the middle of 2014. It’s a community, and through that community one can experience the comic. “… Maybe the Beanies already know how high the sea will rise, and why, so they’re measuring the contours of the surrounding land to gauge the effects or prepare to redraw the map. (Though in that case, they’re alarmingly high up, making my recent manip a bit more chilling than I’d intended.) …” I’m reluctant to say this because my time is being eaten up enough by this thread as it is, but…I’ll volunteer! I can do custom-drawn hats, photomanipped hats, or maybe whole avatars. Mountains of 8000 or 9000 feet only a few days’ walk from sea level should be notable, even if it’s not the usual sea level.

“… I’ve been thinking a lot about the delicate balance that exists between my Blitzing (a voyeuristic activity with much diligent note-taking), my creative writing and interaction with the afterwhen (you guys, i.e. the Present). The Lurkers shall be composed of forum-readers noted to exist as unnamed Guests , and the specific Lurkers in the OTT shall have the Qualifications requisite for Lurkers of the most seaish Thread of the Individual XKCD Othercomics. At this point I noticed that the Madness 2014 has started, and OTTers are listing the mappings already in effect; I posted this. First of the POTM series of Time-After-Time. In this series, each frame is an original Time frame modified to feature an OTC quote from a post made shortly after that frame appeared. It also seems mscha’s server was set up to allow anyone to add a new image, but it’s unclear how. “… And on another note, way back here, just after the fade, I predicted that the story would end at between 3,500 and 4,000 frames. That’s looking a little high, but well within a reasonable margin of error on my estimate. (Does little happy dance.) …” “Woah. The beanies know about human evolution and have an idea of both human ancestral development as well as geographic history. That means they’re pretty close to as advanced as modern day people.” One thing to note that if their were enough humans left at the time it happened we would have fixed it back up with a new river/canal to keep the water heights the same.