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He and Gail loved to travel, visiting sons in P.E.I and Prague and watching their grandchildren grow. Anthony was a remarkable, very generous, and caring person, completely devoted to his family. He will be especially missed for his hilarious sense of humor and how he loved to make people laugh. Humphrey Waldock died peacefully, at home, holding the hand of his beloved wife, Anne and supported by his eldest son, Harold. She is survived by her sister, Margaret Anne Reda , brother-in-law Ralph Van Ness from North Vancouver, and her brother Maurice Tremblay from Port Renfrew B.C. She will be sadly missed by her family, friends and Sisters in Community. Faith was an integral part of Helena’s life and when she was well, she regularly attended St. Mary’s Ukrainian Church in Vancouver. She was proud to be a member of the Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League and she often volunteered with fundraising activities and local charities in the Vancouver area. She enjoyed serving at many functions in the company of her Ukrainian friends.

Dave’s piece of advice was to do one thing and to do it well. He challenged us all to step up our role with Rotary and to use our gifts and strengths to pick thing within Rotary and to do it really well. I have been to many different events with my host family, hockey games, historical museums, art museums. It was for an event of the Scouts, of which the King is a member or someone high up. Pull over at the Best Western and check your odometer. Once you past Observatory B&B you are close, make sure you are in the left hand lane as it goes into the passing lane and put on your left turn signal to turn left onto Chapman Road. We are the 1st property on the left and Dennis wll put out a couple of directional signs. This week’s program was John Cooper who spoke to us on wills and estate planning.

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It is also important to note that, thanks to the streamlined process we have put in place, the current approval rate is 97%. The opposition had 10 years to provide mental health support to veterans, but it was too busy axing essential services and trying to balance the budget at the expense of veterans. In particular, I would like to thank the young people who march all across Canada and around the world to support climate action. At this time in our history, it is hard to imagine anything more important. I am pleased to share that last week we commenced a consultation with Canadians to identify inefficient non-tax fossil fuel subsidies that we can phase out. We have to remember just how fragile a gift we have inherited. We are among the blessed few born in a democracy with an independent system that judges the guilt or innocence of people in the court of law and carries out that judgment independent of political decisions. Billions of people around the world would literally give their lives for the chance that their children might live in such a country as ours. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Prime Minister’s decision to trample all over the will of first nations peoples in the approval or rejection of pipelines. First nations people supported the northern gateway pipeline. Was there any evidence on any of these criteria that SNC-Lavalin was entitled to a deferred prosecution agreement?

  • Ann was humble, had a wry and delightful sense of humour and was fun to be with.
  • Though he is no longer in our presence, Roland will live on in the hearts and thoughts of those who loved him and through the joys of his life – his four grandchildren.
  • Richard has been a farmer, herbalist and food forester for over 40 years, taking a degraded land site in Grand Forks in 1985 to a the first food forest in Canada.
  • ICON has started a dialogue on health care issues to help educate communities with workshops and web-based resources.
  • Photography, reading and map collection were other interests.

She was the oldest daughter born to Ed and Jean Olson. She spent her early childhood in the Queen Charlotte Islands and her teenage years schooling in California. Her family settled in the Cloverdale area and Betty married George Davies from Haney. He enjoyed people, travel, music, reading, history and sports.. Otto will be fondly remembered by his Oblate brothers, family and many friends. Father Aloysius Lou was born on November 14, 1933, in Hong Kong as the youngest son to parents, Francisco and Sau Wah. At the age of four, he fled with his family to Macau to escape the Japanese invasion. There, he attended the Istitudo Salesiano with his older brother Pedro, where his father worked as a secretary.

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My grandmother remembered being seasick the whole time. They found the people friendly from the very first as Canada became home to all of them. Family members were understandably nervous about uprooting their growing children and moving to an unknown land with different customs, languages and food. This experience is no different from what the current generation of emigrants to Canada feel today when they arrive in this land. My family was part of the large migration of Dutch people who came to Canada in the aftermath of World War II. The story of my Dutch grandparents is my personal heritage moment, which I intend to share. It is representative of the reason May 5 deserves to be recognized as Dutch heritage day in Canada. The Dutch continue to this day to have tight ties with this country, both across the Atlantic and north and south of the border. I was in Washington several weeks ago and I met with representative Bill Huizenga from western Michigan. He, too, is of Dutch origin, and his wife is a Canadian also of Dutch origin from Brampton, Ontario.

Chilliwack Dogwood Monarch Lions donate $20000 to Imagination Library Fraser Valley – Agassiz Harrison Observer – Agassiz Harrison Observer

Chilliwack Dogwood Monarch Lions donate $20000 to Imagination Library Fraser Valley – Agassiz Harrison Observer.

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All members should be able to deliberate, legislate and fulfill our parliamentary functions, whether on the front bench of the government side or in the shadow ministers’ bench or in the far corners where some former Liberals now sit. The Eagle Spirit Chiefs Council said Tuesday it would file a complaint in “coming days” under the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples against the federal government. Helin, a Lax Kw’alaams Band member, has long pitched the idea as Canada’s sole First Nations-led oil pipeline. The plea is a last-ditch effort to reverse Bill C-48 as it nears passage through the Senate. The coalition, composed of the National Coalition of Chiefs, the Indian Resource Council and the Eagle Spirit Chiefs Council met with a number of senators Tuesday morning in Ottawa to oppose the moratorium. A coalition of First Nations groups is imploring Ottawa to rein in an oil tanker ban on the northern B.C. Coast, with one organization planning to level a United Nations complaint against the government to protest the legislation. He is going to get through the next election by trying to convince Canadians, who polls show support pipelines, that he does too. If he gets back in, there will be no pipeline built, just as there has not been for the last three and a half years, because he is ideologically opposed to energy development.

The cost is $6-800 per panel and you can start with a few panels and add as you need/want so depending on your house design, you can spend between $10 to $20,000. The payback is in the savings on your power bill plus the option to sell unused electricity from your panels back to Fortis, with payback time being 6-8 years. It was a thought provoking talk, worthy of our individual consideration. The Arts Council gives back to Osoyoos through several donations. They provide art classes to children through Sonora Centre on Thurs. Sue’s daughter Jennifer was a youth exchange student to Mexico. She now lives in Australia and works for Price Waterhouse.

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