ATL CAST Chant/Cheer Competition

For Falcon Fans

Do you cheer loud and proud for your Falcons? Do you have a good cheer you wish everyone would do?

If so, post your cheer or chant in your social media using @atlcast AND #CASTCheers and you will have entered our competition (be sure and use both!).  There will be awesome First and Second Prizes, including the chance for your cheer to be featured inside the Benz!

All submissions must be in by midnight on 23 July 2019. 

The categories for cheers or chants are:

  1. The Bird Walk (walking into the Benz as a group before a game)
  2. Pre-game when players are on the field, Falcons and opposing team.
  3. When opponents have the ball, especially in the huddle and on the line
  4. When the Falcons make a touchdown

Important Criteria:

  • All video or audio submissions must not exceed 30 seconds
  • Should contain simple movements that anyone can do
  • Must identify the specific submission category
  • Must not contain vulgar language or movements
  • Cheers or chants for the offense should be positive and encouraging
  • Defense chant/cheers should be impactful

If you have additional inquiries, email us at

Legal Notice – By submitting your cheers, chants, or cadences to the ATL CAST Cheer Competition you agree to the following:  The HFA ATL CAST will retain all rights and ownership of the submissions of cheers, chants, and cadences submitted by contestants in the ATL CAST Cheer Competition.  Submissions will be used at the discretion of the HFA ATL CAST and will become the ATL CAST property with no current or future payments due.