Can I delete the DriverStore folder?

What is DriverStore?

Starting with Windows Vista, the Driver Store is a trusted collection of inbox and third-party driver packages. The operating system maintains this collection in a secure location on the local hard disk. … A driver package must be staged to the Driver Store before the package can be used to install any devices.

How do I uninstall DriverStore?

How to Delete Old Drivers in Windows 10/8 Using Disk Cleanup

  1. Run Disk Cleanup: Win+R -> cleanmgr.
  2. Select the system disk.
  3. Click Clean up system files.
  4. Check Device driver packages in the list. Note. In my system the size of stored driver copies is 0. In real systems it is likely to be different.
  5. Click OK.

29 Jul 2017

What is Windows DriverStore?

The driver store is a trusted location of inbox and third-party driver packages. Before a driver can be installed, it must first be injected into the driver store which is located under C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository.

How do I delete a FileRepository?

Delete the DriverStore FileRepository

  1. Run Command Prompt as administrator (start typing “Command Prompt” in your search, when you find the item you want, right-click and select “Run as administrator” from the context menu.
  2. On the command line, enter the command pnputil.exe / e> c: Ndrivers.

Can I delete Windows DriverStore?

Is it safe to delete DriverStore folder? If you delete all of the DriverStore folder contents on your Windows PC, this action will lead to errors, crashes, etc. In most severe cases, it could potentially render your system or the associated hardware inoperable. So basically you need to know what you are deleting.

Is DriverStore Explorer safe?

its relatively safe to remove a few old versions, especially for things like video and sound, worse that can happen is you go to nvdia’s website and download the latest drivers. Looks like your MoBo has nvidia chipset, some of those nvidia drivers are not video drivers, so be careful.

What does uninstalling a driver do?

If you tick the “Delete the driver software from this device” checkbox, it will completely remove the driver and associated registry keys from your computer. Either action will render the device unusable until you install the device driver again.

Can I delete device driver packages?

Device driver packages: Windows keeps old versions of device drivers, whether they were installed from Windows Update or elsewhere. This option will delete those old device driver versions and keep only the most recent one. You can remove these files if your PC and its devices seem to be working properly.

Can I delete Windows servicing LCU?

Level 37. Read this How to clean files in C:\Windows\servicing\LCU – Windows 10 Help Forums you can delete them, if i were you i would backup system image before delete them..

What is DriverStore folder in Windows 10?

On a running Windows 11 or Windows 10 installation on a PC, by default, the DriverStore folder is the safe location of all the drivers installed on your system. Usually, even with prolonged computer use, this folder doesn’t hog drive storage space.

How do I uninstall System32 drivers?

The correct way to remove drivers is the following:

  1. Within an elevated command prompt run the following command: run pnputil -e > C:\drivers.txt.
  2. Open the file drivers.txt and look which .inf file is associated with the driver you want to remove.
  3. run pnputil.exe -d oem.inf.

How do I use DriverStore Explorer?

Once you have downloaded Driver Store Explorer, extract the files and run the executable (Rapr.exe) with administrator privileges. The Driver Store Explorer window will open right away on your screen. Click Enumerate to list all the copied (and installed) driver packages in DriverStore location.

Where are Windows 10 drivers stored?

The Windows 10 drivers can be located in C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers and in C:\WINDOWS\inf. Windows 10 also maintains a driver cache under the Driverstore directory on your computer. You can access that system directory by going to C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository.

Is it safe to uninstall drivers?

Nothing would happen. You will just lose the driver for the graphic card and your onboard card will do the work. Though I would never suggest you to uninstall graphic card.

Should I delete device driver packages?

Except for the Windows ESD Installation files, if you are not going to roll back a device driver, uninstall a Windows update, downgrade Windows version, or fix a system issue, it is safe to delete almost all files in Disk Cleanup.

What is a driver package?

A driver package consists of a set of software components to support a device under Windows. … All devices on a Windows system should have a driver package installed on them. The system provides some generic driver packages that can be installed on some classes of devices.

Can I delete LCU folder?

From then on you no longer need to take ownership of each new package, they inherit permission from the LCU folder so can be deleted with your existing admin permissions.

Can I delete Windows servicing packages?

You can safely delete any folders you see in C:\Windows\servicing\LCU. These are backups of the latest cumulative updates and can be a GB or more.

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