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They show the past, the present and the future and help us look to the next generation. He thinks the best thing that happened today was that he woke up, that we should always tell our dearest that we love them and that we should all give the gift of touching, healing, praying and laughter. Jamie Hunter introduced Russell Nogonash, a member fo the First Nations Band of Georgian Bay and a sculptor and painter. He entered foster care but left when he was in grade nine to work on construction and other jobs. He was led to sculpture and now teaches in the ‘Survival School’ in Calgary.

  • While we can value the quality of life we have to focus on economic development.
  • Once a list of candidates is compiled, Ralph and his committee interview them, leading them through a long list of questions.
  • Jamie Hunter introduced David Maynard whose family has been vacationing on Christian Island since 1965 and who has developed an interest in the lighthouses of the area as a result.
  • 3 Village women bake and cook in primitive but efficient kitchens.
  • His son needed a box with dials that you could put a person in and take him out the same only nice.

Drayton doesn’t do Shakespeare so there’s no competition. Such a Festival would be something new for this community and would act as an intro to other aspects of arts in the community and would bring professional actors to town as well as audiences. Mike said that after his exchange experience he spent two more years finishing High School and then started training to be a paramedic but on a whim did an audition and got the part. It turns out he likes acting better so is now studying to become a “starving actor” at Sheraton and is in his third year. He has signed with an agent and has had some work but he’s also trying to start a festival in Midland – Shakespeare In The Park – for two weeks in July. The facility will also serve as a Community Service Centre and as a drop in centre and warming/cooling site. The staff will be offering programs and education and will be doing research into homelessness in rural environments, in conjunction with Waypoint. Joyce introduced Anna Hartman who was at CLH for many years and is now at the GB Cancer Support Centre. She asked Lana Lyons, a volunteer and retired health care executive to speak about the Centre.

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In May 2010 she turned a hobby of making jewelry into a job by going on line and now has 2 successful web based businesses. They moved to the area in 2013 and though she does miss the shopping, she likes seeing the stars, listening to the loons, meeting the people and, thanks to Ralph’s introduction, being a part of Rotary. Amanda is excited that Andre accepted the invitation to Rotary and thinks he’s a great fit for the Club and an addition to the community and she welcomed him to the podium. He said he did have some cute pictures and he showed them to us – his parents Ron and Lynne in Elliott Lake who taught him to go for his dream, for what makes him happy. At 24 he went back to school – Algonquin College – to take food. Christine thanked the Club for their support especially Yvonne and The Girls’ Night Out event that is now in its fifth year. The Centre now has 200 registered members which is a bittersweet level of success. However, being there for the members is a life affirming experience and, having been there herself, she knows how important the support is. Gary got about 10 hands expressing interest in participating. He projects about 50 people going from 5 Clubs and Midland would arrive first to work on the filter projects and then help out on others as other groups arrived. There is the possibility that some members might stay longer.

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Most recently he held the role of Chief Financial Officer & Senior Vice-President at UJA Federation of Greater Toronto. Elaine McDougall joined RGC in November 2017 and is responsible for all of RGC’s marketing and communications activities. Meet The Responsible Gambling Council staff who work across multiple departments, including RG Check, RG Plus, The Centre for the Advancement of Best Practices and more. Duties include to build and maintain a small fire, and we explain to guests what Bannock is, and the steps in roasting it. This role is excellent for someone who enjoys being outdoors and interacting with others.

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She works with special needs people, volunteers with seniors,and is the stage manager at the school. She spoke briefly, saying that it was nice to be recognized, though that was not the motivation behind her efforts. Barrie’s first mayor owned 3 breweries so there is a tradition, but they all burned down, which Adam hopes won’t become a tradition too. The president used to work for a major corporation but finally decided he wanted to follow his own family tradtions – one grandfather was a vintner and the other was a brewmaster. He started the company in his garage and 96 tries later had a recipe that met the standard he was working towards. That’s a lot of beer to pour down the drain and the thought had many members disconsolate, to say the least. Jamie Hunter reports that Patrick Beauchamp is related to every person of French Heritage in northern Simcoe County. His father’s family is still farming property that’s been in the family since the 1870’s. His mother was a Gignac, which links him to all sorts of people. He grew up speaking French – is still working on English – but got along well enough to take Recreational Studies though he discovered and fell in love with macroeconomics. He helped out at his mother’s store for a while, met Rona Wilkinson and went with her to Toronto to work as a broker’s assistant while he pursued a financial education. They came back to the area, he worked in Barrie at the National Bank, he’s now at the Nova Scotia and he and Rona have two children, Hannah and Benjamin.

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During his working life, which was often stressful and even tragic, the opportunity to get away for an hour or so often gave him a chance to regain perspective and the fellowship gave him an escape. Cheryl has worked on the Community Services Committee, has done the bookkeeping and licensing for Bingo for years and is joining the Foundation Committee. Meeting a refreshing break in a busy week, providing a fresh perspective and advice. Most members run small businesses which puts them at the top of their organization, the go to person. This sometimes gets lonely and Rotary is a great place to go for understanding and help. Cheryl Webb thought she was maybe the third woman to join this Club. 14 years ago she was glad to be part of a Club that listed a who’s who of Midland as its membership.