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Our experienced travel specialists have extensive lists of luxurious holiday destinations and would love to help you plan your upcoming vacation. If you are ready to start planning your vacation contact one of our experienced travel specialists and get personalized advice on which destinations best suits your travel needs and desires. Vancouver Island is a gold mine for natural beauty, and Tofino is the epicenter. Untouched beaches, over 20 hiking trails, crisp sunsets and majestic wildlife are perfectly paired with a quaint surfer town. Tofino is packed with gourmet cuisine inspired by the West Coast and natural wellness options. There is also a wide range of accommodation in Tofino from luxury hotels like Wickaninnish Inn, which offers whale watching from the in-room hot tub, to local bed and breakfast perfectly nestled in the rainforest. Maui and all of Hawaii is an old faithful when it comes to snowbird destinations. It’s hard to beat the warm sunny days, sandy beaches, and daily fresh catch seafood. Australia is experiencing the best of their summer as we, in North America, move through our winter.

  • That afternoon, to wash the smut of ancient crime out of my mind, I repaired to the Chicago Art Institute.
  • Pierre Gagnaire’s success comes from his creative style and his loyalty to his team – he is known for not teaching others how to cook, but for letting them be inspired by the food and his style.
  • They are simply fruit-machines tended by bank clerks and mechanics.
  • From Little Tokyo to West Hollywood, you will be out of time before you are out of restaurants.
  • Fascinated, we watched this operation for about two hours as the beetles scurried down towards the sea, their tiny tank tracks leaving a spidery, Tachiste sketch in the soft dry sand.

If you’re looking for a winter wonderland this holiday season, Norway is it. In a white, velvet blanket of snow, you will find stunning scenery that lasts 24hrs of the day. The best part about this property is that the world is literally at your fingertips. The resort is all-inclusive and truly stands by their offering to include everything. You have nothing to worry about and can leave the credit card in your bag for the duration of the trip. Contemplate the season in an overwater bungalow staring at the rich turquoise waters, or spend your days floating by some of the world’s most beautiful coral gardens.

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It was inhabited for 1,500 years by people’s Olmecs, Zapotecs, and Mixtecs. The views possible from this site are simply supernatural. Chiapas is home to Palenque which was a Mayan city state in the 7th century. This site is very interesting, rich with scriptures and carvings. Located in the jungle, it’s believed that there is much more of this site to uncover in the future. Today the site is a picturesque spot to explore with the temple standing at 75ft tall. Depending on what you are looking for, who you are going with, and what time of year you’re travelling, the Caribbean always has an island that will deliver. There are many considerations that go into choosing an island, such as the type of vacation you are looking for or accessibility from Canada. But, for this list, we are going to stick to one type of criteria to help you narrow down your search. Either way, the key to preparing for a seamless vacation starts with the perfect suitcase. If powdery white sand and flat calm waters is what you are looking for – Grace Bay is your beach.

Often parents are not sure if a cruise is a place for kids and likewise kids are worried that they will be bored. In recent years cruise lines have made huge strides in accommodating kids and families. One of our top picks for family cruising is the Royal Caribbean; they offer diverse activities, entertainment, and a promenade right on the ship hosting parades and special events. Immersing your kids into such a green culture at the same time as allowing them to see the beautiful creatures that are affected by it, is a formula for huge impact and life lasting memories. If your family likes nature, you will want to look into Costa Rica. The beautiful beaches and rainforest, provide adventure for everyone, in an unreal setting. With daily snow falls, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and Holidays at Universal Orlando Resort there is plenty to see and do. You are guaranteed to have the kids grinning ear to ear and sleeping the whole night after a few days in this winter wonderland. The Maldives is known for its impressive scuba diving, snorkeling, white sandy beaches, wellness offerings and fresh culinary delights. Europe provides the perfect canvas to design a holiday fit for every family, that is filled with not only fun but, culture and history too. Whale watching, swimming, hiking, museums, parks, zoos and playground in the middle of the city are just some of the activities families will enjoy. Summer is a great time to visit to utilize the parks and outdoor activities.

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You can walk, ferry or kayak around the island districts for a whole day of adventure. Enjoy a famous freshly baked cinnamon bun that will keep everyone member of the family in good spirits. Located in a 300-year-old stone farmhouse with an aim to connect people and culture this experience is truly unforgettable in a distinctive Italian way. Offering full or half day cooking classes participants will spend their day sourcing local ingredients, preparing them in a traditional kitchen and of course savouring the flavours over a glass of wine.

This site is a great place to experience diverse high altitude vegetation, along with mammoth size glaciers that crash down into milky glacier lakes and rivers. Located Southwest of the Santa Cruz province in Argentina, this park includes glaciers, mountains, and lakes Argentino and Viedma. Lake Argentino is the largest freshwater lake in Argentina with a max depth of 150m and surface area of 1,415 km. At its highest point, it stands at 80m high and is 2,700m in diameter. The massive spray that is produced by the falls feeds the surrounding rainforest and often, almost always, creates beautiful rainbows that frame its drop-off.

Weigh your luggage ahead of time, allowing plenty of extra weight for souvenirs and shopping at your destination. When you break packing down to a science, you go through the process in a very methodical way, ultimately saving huge amounts of time and stress. As we talked about before, packing cubes are a great way to keep your suitcase organized. Roll items into the packing cubes in categories, such as the green cube for tops and blue for bottoms. That way when you are looking for something specific, you just have to pull out the cube opposed to everything in your bag. If you have articles of clothing that are likely to wrinkle, roll them with a sheet of tissue paper. This is great for a first-time pack, but if you are needing to pack up continually, we would suggest a suit bag. Rolling saves space and keeps your clothing from wrinkling, saving you precious time at your destination. Ziplock bags are a great way to keep things safe and organized. Before starting to pack make sure you have a few on hand for electronics, cables, liquids, and shoes. Just like any other science, there is a list of things that need to be in place to make sure that the process goes as seamlessly as possible.

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  • Commissioned in 1963 by the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan for the tomb of his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal; it’s a thoughtful, beautiful place.
  • The year before, 13,500 Germans had been killed on the road and just under half a million injured.
  • But, after suffering many bruises and being several times half-drowned, I paddled back ignominiously towards the shore and just had enough strength left to heave the thirty-five pounds of balsa wood up the golden sand to its garage.
  • The streets of Hong Kong are the most enchanting night streets I have trod.
  • I’m eventually driven out of there by the noise and crowds playing some game with a host, so I wander around the ship at loose ends.

India is known for its aromatic flavors and this dish is no exception. Topped with sauteed onion and egg, this dish is served slightly spicy and often paired with a side of fresh yogurt to cool the palate. Slightly thicker than most crepes and crispy on the outside. This very versatile dish is celebrated at the week-long pancake festival in Russia known as Maslenitsa. A tajine is actually the name of the pot used to cook this colourful dish. The dish itself is bursting with all kind of flavours, from sweet to savory. Meat or fish is combined with vegetables, dried fruit and spices and cooked slowly at a low temperature to ensure that all the seasonings be released from the ingredients. Indulging in flavors that are like nothing you have tried before is one of the most exciting parts of travelling. Besides location, there are a plethora of safari camps available, from budget to ultra luxury.