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Researchers in Australia report finding serious inflammatory disease in the digestive tract of pigs fed on genetic maize. How does the Commission view support for this sector in the countries where, for whatever reason, fishing agreements are not signed, but, for strategic reasons, the presence and the backing of the EU is important.

Billionaire-owned clubs are in the process of signing contracts for astronomical sums of money with companies or foundations that have very close links with the clubs’ shareholders, as is the case with Manchester City, which is sponsored by Etihad Airways. The mandatory fields of the MSD include the triggering mode , vehicle identification, vehicle type and propulsion, timestamp, vehicle direction, current and two previous positions, and number of passengers. No other data is collected or transmitted by the eCall in-vehicle system ; the IVS is only active when an accident occurs or if it is manually triggered, thus there is no privacy issue related to tracking. This measure seeks the effective protection of vulnerable marine ecosystems and to reduce unwanted catches. The Fisheries Committee in the European Parliament has voted on the report amending the Commission proposal on 4 November 2013.

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The redevelopment of the Portal was foreseen under the renewed framework for cooperation in the youth field. It responds to the new realities of young people’s online activities and their use of social media; youth information services need to adapt accordingly. In May 2013, the Commission launched a new version of the European Youth Portal and charged the Eurodesk network with administering it. Under Law No 134 of 7 August 2012 converting Decree-Law No 83 of 22 June 2012 introducing ‘urgent measures for national growth’, digestate from individually or jointly operated on-farm anaerobic digestion plants which is used for agricultural purposes is classed as a by-product.

The EU has also provided substantial assistance to BiH in building a functioning EU-compliant food and feed safety system in view of potentially increased trade in agricultural products with the EU. This support includes technical assistance and investments in laboratories and inspections, training programmes for food businesses in implementation of food hygiene standards, implementation of animal disease control and eradication measures, and technical assistance to improve management of animal by-products.

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In the meantime two separate complaints containing allegations of irregularities in the handling of the procurement procedure have been submitted also to the Commission by competing bidders in the tender. These complaints will be duly examined by the Commission while taking full account of the outcome of the court procedure at national level. If, after this analyse, the existence of an irregularity concerning the declared expenditure linked to this project is proved, a decision of financial correction could be approved. This crisis management aid should be accompanied by measures aimed at preventing ‘natural’ disasters. It is clear that in recent years, these events have become more frequent, serious and complex and their impact even more devastating. What is more, the intergovernmental panel on climate change has warned that these extreme weather events are likely to get significantly worse.

  • All companies operating in the EU, including in the energy sector, must comply with EU internal market and competition rules.
  • The report clearly shows that trafficking in counterfeit goods, illegal timber, drugs and counterfeit medicines are the most profitable forms of trafficking conducted by criminals in the region.
  • If, after this analyse, the existence of an irregularity concerning the declared expenditure linked to this project is proved, a decision of financial correction could be approved.
  • The OECD estimates that over 40% of the world’s population will live under conditions of severe water stress by 2050 and almost 20% could be exposed to flooding.

The judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union of 2009 left open the possibility of a limited spring hunting derogation of Turtle Dove and Quail under strictly supervised conditions in view of the specific circumstances prevalent in Malta. Malta has over the past few years strengthened and improved the national regulatory framework relating to the spring hunting derogation. The relevant national regulations introduce a number of controls in relation to a spring hunting season, including bag limits and quotas, restrictions pertaining to time and places and a range of reporting requirements. Nevertheless, the Commission is aware of concerns relating to the enforcement of spring hunting regulations, and therefore it is in regular contact with the Maltese authorities with a view to identifying further steps to improve effectiveness of the enforcement regime. Following the Spring European Council’s call for concrete proposals by October 2013, the Commission carried out consultations with parties concerned before the adoption of its proposal concerning the European single market for electronic communications to achieve a Connected Continent. In accordance with Article 11 of the EU Treaty, the Commission is required to carry out broad consultations with parties concerned ‘in order to ensure that the Union’s actions are coherent and transparent’. On 11 September 2013 the Commission adopted a proposal for a regulation laying down measures concerning the European single market for electronic communications and to achieve a Connected Continent (COM 627).

Put extremely simply, the main accusation against the family is that of having caused an environmental disaster, and the assets seized will be used to fund the clean-up operations. In the framework of the proposed Urban Development Network, and the future URBACT programme, considerable efforts will be made to identify and disseminate the experiences of cities with regard to sustainable urban development projects throughout Europe. In a context of global economic competition, the exit from the crisis for Europe requires that we enhance public and private investment in research, development and innovation. Modern rooms come with balconies, custom-designed beds and flat-screen TVs, plus Wi-Fi , minifridges, and tea and coffeemakers. Club-level rooms offer access to a private lounge with free breakfast and evening cocktails. Waves Grill is a casual, colorful, and perhaps a bit playful setting for dining on all-American favorites.