The ATL CAST started as a group of season ticket holders who were passionate about the Falcons. The Falcons organization formed a focus group asking opinions on how to bring the noise to the Benz, and we were happy to share our passion with them and other fans! We are the fans you see standing and yelling every down. We believed we needed to create a home-field advantage, as there is nothing sweeter than an offsides penalty on the opposition’s defense. We want to pump our energy into the game to help get the Benz rocking!

Falcons Fans At Overlook
A Family Of Falcon

Our club didn’t start out as such. We were lucky enough to be identified as being some of the most passionate fans in the stadium. A focus group was formed by the Falcons organization asking our opinions on how to bring the noise to the Benz, and we were very happy to share!

Our main goal is to morph that passion into a LOUD and INTIMIDATING Benz experience! Early on, we were known as the Home Field Advantage (HFA) group as dubbed by the organization.

Our first rally was impromptu with a small group of us heartily shouting RISE UP and A-T-L, while high fiving other fans in the stadium concourse. Adrenaline was running high, and we became hooked on the rush of getting rowdy with other fans during the pregame. Nevertheless, we knew we needed a bigger stage and more fans!

We began meeting as a group just before the 2017 regular season, and we coalesced around our shared dreams; To bring DISRUPTION to the opposing teams’ offense, let the opposing team’s fans know that THIS IS OUR HOUSE, have fun with tailgating and viewing parties, and support the Falcons Charities and our community as a whole. We built these dreams into our Mission and Vision Statements to share with all who care as we do. We are now officially the nonprofit The ATL CAST!

Working with the Falcons and showing our desire to support the Falcons team, organization, and charities while adhering to the quality standards of the Atlanta Falcons organization, the Falcons named The ATL CAST as the Official Supporters Club of The Atlanta Falcons. This is an honor the ATL CAST will uphold with pride.

Since this honor was bestowed, we have had an amazing time with our trips, viewing parties, and In-Gameday activities. We opened our Club to new members right after the Falcons beat the Aints, and the response has been amazing. We’re thrilled to know that there are other Falcons fans with a burning passion for the Falcons and a desire to make the Benz loud!

There’s much more to come in 2020! Our tailgates and viewing parties will have raffles for autographed Falcons merchandise with monies going to support the Falcons charities. Our pregame rally at the Overlook as a fan tradition will grow as we add to our CAST of Characters and fun ways to make noise. There are planned flyaways, viewing parties, and of course, the Falcons Draft party. We hope our FANatical Falcon fans from all over the world can join us!