Our prey is any and all NFL teams who stand in opposition to our victory!


Who is the ATL CAST? We are a legion of fans that are loud, proud, and passionate about our Atlanta Falcons. We stand for and ride with our team when times are good or bad. We chant, cheer and lead our team to victory! We believe in creating a home field advantage, as there is nothing sweeter than a false start penalty on the opponent’s offense or an offsides penalty on the opponent’s defense.



Our History

We began in 2017 as a collection of season ticket holders called upon to make a difference. Identified by the Atlanta Falcons as some of the most passionate fans in the Mercedes Benz Stadium (the Benz), we were asked to help bring the noise and make our new home more loud and intimidating! So we began galvanizing the fans to RISE UP and represent the A-T-L!

We have since expanded our club to include ALL Falcons Fans everywhere – young or old, foreign or domestic! We have over 1,100 members from all over the US and even some as far away as Australia. We gather at games, tailgates, and in local bars, around Atlanta, in Flowery Branch, at the Benz, and in opponent’s stadiums to cheer our team on and share our fanaticism! We support the Falcons Charities and our community through volunteer and fundraising activities and have been recognized as an Official Supporters Club of the Atlanta Falcons.

There’s much more to come as we work to provide members with prime tailgating, viewing parties, road trips, exclusive swag, merchandise and opportunities to express your passion! We hope all our Fan-atical Falcon fans will join our CAST of Characters and help us create more fun ways to make noise, get rowdy, and intimidate the prey!