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As a 501c3 organization, the ATL CAST is able to exist solely from the dedication and support of it's membership. Several members have poured in countless hours and contributed financially to build what what we all enjoy today.

More importantly , these individuals have played a direct role in the ATL CAST meeting its very first philanthropic initiative with our inaugural donation of $1,000.00 to the TAPS program.

These members joined the ATL CAST at the Platinum level, which denotes that 10% of their membership donation will be donated to TAPS. We would like to recognize and thank them for level of commitment to the CAST and to their community.

Founding Members(2017)

Ulysses Tyre(2017)

Deborah Harmond(2017)

Scott Blue (2017)

Debbie Turman (2017)

Kyle Bosh(2017)

DeMario Brown(2017)

Jim Garrison(2017)

Therese Hornsby(2017)

Bill Ingram(2017)

Jennifer Ingram(2017)

Justin Isasi(2017)

Zax Jiwani(2017)

Bryan Lewis(2017)

Tantalous Smith(2017)

Ryan Soard(2017)

Carlton Grant(2017)

Ruby Shackleford(2017)

First Year Members(2018)

Angela Adams(2018)

Carolyn Freeman(2018)

Kina Morgan(2018)

Andy McDiermon(2018)

Trinity Height(2018)

Kimberly Johnson(2018)

Jerry Lam(2018)

Akisha Paige-Bey(2018)

Kaye Masters(2018)

David Paige-Bey(2018)

Beverly Fanning(2018)

Rick Mattison(2018)

Jay Ballard(2018)

Muhammad Aleem(2018)

Laura Alston(2018)

Roni Barker(2018)

Michael Britton(2018)

John Bueltel(2018)

John Burgess(2018)

Rebekah Burgess(2018)

Rachel Burr(2018)

JoAnn Cantu(2018)

Donna Carlock(2018)

Alisa Clark(2018)

Kim Davis(2018)

Stanley Davis(2018)

Leonard Epley(2018)

Thomas Givens(2018)

Will Hardy(2018)

Charlotte Hill(2018)

David Levine(2018)

Brandon Love(2018)

Pamala Lowe(2018)

Leonardo Lucier(2018)

Venessa Marsh(2018)

Melanie Maxwell(2018)

Michael McMunn(2018)

Keith McNeil(2018)

Algia Motley(2018)

Matt Nadler(2018)

Johnathan Reed(2018)

Terrance Rice(2018)

Elizabeth Sponseller(2018)

Chad Stahl(2018)

Greg Sumners(2018)

Hazie Tarver(2018)

Nicole Urbanek(2018)

Robert Vevoda(2018)

Abel Wen(2018)

Janeen Wisner(2018)

An Officially Recognized Supporters Club Of The Atlanta Falcons

The ATL CAST is a nonprofit charitable organization under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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